Best MCPR-300 Sniper Loadout In MW2: Class Setup, Attachments, And Perks

Best MCPR-300 Sniper Loadout In MW2: Class Setup, Attachments, And Perks
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Coleman Hamstead


9th Nov 2022 12:35

The best MCPR-300 Sniper loadout In MW2 improves the weapons Aim Down Sight Speed and Sprint to Fire Speed while conserving its one-shot kill potential. Snipers like the MCPR-300 can turn the tide of battle in Modern Warfare 2, but it'll need the right attachments and Class setup. To see what the MCPR-300 is capable of, we urge you to try out the best MW2 MCPR-300 Sniper loadout.

Best MW2 MCPR-300 Sniper Loadout: Attachments

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  • Barrel - 22” OMX-456
  • Stock - FSS Merc Stock
  • Rear Grip - Cronen Cheetah Grip
  • Ammunition - .300 Mag High Velocity 
  • Magazine - 5 Round Mag

When sniping in Call of Duty, Aim Down Sight Speed and Sprint to Fire Speed are of supreme importance. If you can't aim in fast enough, you will never be able to compete with Assault Rifles and SMGs. The only thing more critical to success with a Sniper is ensuring that your weapon can one-shot kill. With that, this set of five attachments focuses on increasing the MW2 MCPR-300's Mobility and Handling as much as possible while maintaining enough Bullet Velocity and Damage Range to consistently kill enemies in one bullet.

This MCPR-300 Sniper loadout is popular amongst Call of Duty League pros, with names like Sam "Octane" Larew and James "Clayster" Eubanks using this setup.

Best MW2 MCPR-300 Sniper Loadout: Perks And Equipment

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  • Secondary - X12
  • Tactical - Stun Grenade
  • Lethal - Frag Grenade
  • Base Perks - Double Time and Bomb Squad
  • Bonus Perk - Focus
  • Ultimate Perk - Overclock
  • Field Upgrade - Dead Silence

The X12 is the perfect sidearm to pair with the MW2 MCPR-300 Sniper, as you can swap to it quickly to finish off weakened foes.

For Equipment, Stun Grenades are ideal for slowing down enemies and leaving them as easy targets for the MCPR-300. The Lethal you equip doesn't matter as much, but you can't go wrong with the classic Frag. And for your Field Upgrade, Dead Silence is a solid choice, allowing you to quietly manoeuvre behind enemy lines and make quick work of the opposition.

Finally, for Perks, Double Time is always a top-tier option, granting the user enhanced Mobility. As a Sniper, you will be the target of all sorts of Lethal Equipment, and Bomb Squad will aid your survival. Focus is a must-have for Snipers, extending the duration you can hold your breath and also reducing flinch when aimed down sight. Lastly, Overclock will make it so you always have Dead Silence available when you need it.

Leave your mark on the battlefield with the best MCPR-300 Sniper loadout in MW2.

MW2 Invasion mode is a great place to practise sniping.

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