Why does my Modern Warfare 3 say 'Free Trial'?

Why does my Modern Warfare 3 say 'Free Trial'?
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Tarran Stockton


9th Feb 2024 11:34

Some Modern Warfare 3 players are concerned about a 'Free Trial' disclaimer that can be seen on the game's menu, leading many to wonder if the game is bugged in some way.

Modern Warfare 3 is entering its second season, with a bunch of new maps, guns, Operators, and even zombie content for you to chew on. If you're a paying customer who is worried about whether your game is being taken away from you, read on below for an explanation to clear everything up.

Why does my Modern Warfare 3 say 'Free Trial'?

Currently, Modern Warfare 3 has a free trial for the first weekend of Season 2, running from February 8–12. 

This free trial message is just a reminder for the players participating in the free weekend, so they know when the trial will end and how much longer left they have to play the game.

Don't worry about MW3 displaying a 'Free Trial' message if you're a paying customer, as you're at no risk of the game being taken away from you once the trial is over. 

Considering the confusion caused here, Activision will hopefully make it clearer next time it does a free trial, ensuring that only the players taking part can see the disclaimer.

Some of the concern may also be due to the 'App Not Released' bug on Steam, which seems to be blocking access to MW3 for some players who have previously taken part in a free trial before buying the game. 

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