How To Play Battle Mode In Marvel Snap

How To Play Battle Mode In Marvel Snap
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Ben Williams


31st Jan 2023 17:46

Marvel Snap has been enjoying regular updates since its October 2022 release. However, the long-awaited PvP Battle Mode is finally here. To find out which among your friends is the best, here is how to play the Marven Snap Battle Mode.

How To Play Battle Mode In Marvel Snap

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First, to access the Marvel Snap Battle Mode, Second Dinner has elaborated over Twitter that you need to have both completed the "stakes" tutorial and need to be at least Rank 10. Next, make sure you've updated the game.

Once you load the latest version of Marvel Snap, select the new "Game Modes" option that now appears on the inner right of the bottom navigation menu. Next, select the only game mode to pick "Friendly Battle".

From there, you can either create a match or join one made by your friend. Each created match has its own code. So, either give your code out to your friend and wait for them to enter it and join - or vice versa.

Now, you will be able to duel Marvel-style to your heart's content. Second Dinner has also said to keep two other points in mind via their Twitter post.

One is that "you cannot change decks between rounds or SNAP beyond your health bar!". The second is that "during Round 5, the stakes are raised! Rounds start at 2 cubes rather than 1".

Instead of making Battle Mode exactly the same as normal Marvel Snap games, Second Dinner has added a couple of extra tweaks to keep it fresh.

That's a wrap on how to start friendly PvP battles in the new Marvel Snap battle mode. For what else has been happening in the game, check out how Marvel Snap nerfed its most hated card. 

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