Limbus Company tier list

Limbus Company tier list
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Daniel Hollis


9th May 2023 17:26

Check out this Limbus Company tier list to get the most out of your characters. Limbus Company is a hugely popular game for mobile and PC, where you gather a party of characters to fight with.

As you progress through, you’ll learn how to utilize teams and create synergies to create the most powerful loadout imaginable. However, discovering what characters work best is perhaps the toughest part of the game - especially when there are so many to learn and choose from.

To make things easier, we’ve curated a handy tier list, detailing the rankings of characters in Limbus Company, and helping you choose the best characters for your adventure.

Limbus Company tier list

A battle from Limbus Company, using many of the characters from our Limbus Company tier list
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As you progress through Limbus Company, you’ll unlock more characters. Unfortunately, the order in which you’ll obtain these is random, meaning you could start with an incredibly strong or weak set. 

However, knowing the tier list of the characters in Limbus Company can help you plan ahead and determine the best synergies to use. If you want help in that department, here is the complete tier list for all the characters in Limbus Company:

S Tier

  • Hong Lu (Tingtang Gangleader)
  • Sinclair (LCB Sinner)
  • Rodion (Kurokumo Henchwoman)
  • Gregor (G Corp. Manager Corporal)

A Tier

  • Ryoshu (Kurokumo Wakashu)
  • Gregor (LCB Sinner)
  • Sinclair (Blade Lineage Salsu)

B Tier

  • Rodion (LCB Sinner)
  • Hong Lu (LCB Sinner)
  • Heathcliff (LCB Sinner)
  • Faust (LCB Sinner)
  • Ishmael (LCB Sinner)
  • Rodion (LCB Sinner)

C Tier

  • Outis (LCB Sinner)
  • Meursault (LCB Sinner)
  • Yi Sang (LCB Sinner)
  • Don Quixote (LCB Sinner)

And that’s everything you need to know about the Limbus Company tier list. Mixing together stronger characters will most likely net you better results, so be sure to use that to your advantage in your adventure.

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