League Of Legends MMO: What We Know So Far

League Of Legends MMO: What We Know So Far
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Dave McAdam


2nd Feb 2023 16:36

A League of Legends MMO is, at the very least, in the works. League of Legends' developer Riot Games has been busy with expanding the world around its hugely successful MOBA. This MMO is just one of several projects that have come to fruition or are still in the works. Here is everything we know about the League of Legends MMO so far.

League Of Legends MMO: The Announcement

League of Legends MMO: The announcement page on the website
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Riot Games has announced many new projects in the last handful of years. Some have matured faster than others, like VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra, or the Arcane animated series. Some were announced but have yet to bear fruit, such as "Project L", the League of Legends fighting game.

One announcement that was slightly less ceremonious came in late 2020, when Riot's Head of Creative Development Greg Street revealed on Twitter that there was indeed an MMO in the works at Riot, and he was working on it. This news was exciting for fans, not only for their love of the franchise but because Street is a veteran MMO designer who came to Riot from Blizzard, where he worked on World of Warcraft.

League Of Legends MMO: The Details

League of Legends MMO: A map of Runeterra
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As obtuse as the initial announcement was, further details about the game have been equally or even less forthcoming. While the project was made official thanks largely to Riot Games posting on their website about looking for people to join the team, specific details are still rare.

The game is a long way out so we really cannot expect to learn anything too specific for a while yet. We can gather some ideas about the plans for the game from statements and tweets made by Street.

For example, he has spoken in interviews about how it will be an MMORPG as you would expect, but that combat is a feature that is lacking in many MMOs. It would seem that Riot is going for a more action-focused combat style for this MMO.

We of course know that the game will be set in the League of Legends world of Runeterra. In fact, many have taken to referring to the game as World of Runeterra, a nod to World of Warcraft. You will create a character, have classes, and explore Runeterra. You will be able to partake in all kinds of activities, from the mundane, like fishing, to dungeons and raids.

We know that story will be a big focus of this MMO, as the lead quest designer for The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 Mateusz Tomaszkiewisz has been brought on to work on the game. He will be working alongside Anthony Reynolds, author of several Warhammer novels and the Ruination novel based on League of Legends. Reynolds is the principle writer working on this game, so you know there is a strong focus on narrative here.

League Of Legends MMO: When Is It Coming Out?

League of Legends MMO: Several Champions banded together in the forrest
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The unfortunate answer is, we do not yet know. The game is certainly in the works and Riot Games appears to be putting a lot of effort into it. There are talented people in the company working on this, and more talented people coming to the company specifically for this project.

Based on statements made by Greg Street, it seems that should this game be canceled or pushed aside, it would be because they felt it wasn't good enough, not because it was too expensive. It would seem then, considering the quality of talent behind the game, that it is in relatively safe hands and fans can be optimistic about the game becoming available sometime in the future.

That is everything we currently know about the upcoming League of Legends MMO. For the here and now, check out the rarest skins in League of Legends.

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