League of Legends 13.9 patch notes: All buffs, nerfs & new skins

League of Legends 13.9 patch notes: All buffs, nerfs & new skins
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2nd May 2023 19:00

In anticipation of the planned 13.10 update, League of Legends has prepared and released the new League of Legends 13.9 patch notes.

To see the most important League of Legends 13.9 patch notes including all buffs, nerfs, champion adjustments, new skins and more added to the game, read here.

League of Legends patch 13.9: Patch notes

League of Legends patch 13.9 screen showing all the new additions
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The following are all the key changes implemented with the League of Legends 13.9 patch. As League of Legends gears up for its ultimate 13.10 patch, Riot has implemented plans for new character skins, bug fixes and more.

The studio has also re-vamped Neeko's abilities to bring her up to the same level as other characters.


  • Jinx attack damage growth decreased.
  • Akali: 110% Damage Dealt - 105% Damage Dealt
  • Ornn: 105% Damage Taken - 110% Damage Taken
  • Qiyana: 115% Damage Dealt - 110% Damage Dealt
  • Veigar: 105% Damage Taken - 110% Damage Taken, 95% Damage Dealt - 90% Damage Dealt


  • Complete overhaul of Neeko's abilities, her passive is now able to turn into anything with a health bar, including minions, monsters and more. Her W can be finely positioned and there are added options for how to use it.
  • Neeko will hit spells more often but the increased reliability of spells means cooldown and damage have been slightly nerfed.
  • Neeko's Disguise no longer breaks on taking damage, only when the disguised self would have died or when you are crowd controlled.
  • Neeko no longer inherits base attack speed/move speed from a disguised target if that stat is higher than hers.
  • Casting Q beyond its maximum range will now cast the ability at maximum range instead of having Neeko walk into position to throw it.
  • Increase to scaling damage Aatrox gains from his Deathbringer passive and increase to the bonus movement speed he gains from his ultimate, allowing him to better stick to targets.
  • Amumu's W damage increased early.
  • Bel'Veth is getting attack damage growth decreased in return for increased Q damage to monsters to help in her jungle clears.
  • Kayle E AP ratio decreased; passive wave damage adjusted. R cast time decreased, AoE radius increased, Invulnerability duration adjusted, damage delay increased, and magic damage decreased.
  • Sion's passive health decay increased.
  • Swain Q damage increased.
  • Loosening restrictions on Taliyah's midscope ability.
  • Volibear W damage and healing increased.
  • Corki: 95% Damage Taken - 90% Damage Taken
  • Ezreal: 95% Damage Dealt - 100% Damage Dealt
  • Karma: 100% Damage Dealt - 105% Damage Dealt
  • Tristana: 100% Damage Dealt - 105% Damage Dealt
  • Zilean: 95% Damage Taken - 90% Damage Taken


  • The Lich Bane will receive a boost from Ability Power 75 to 85.


  • Emotes have been updated and now feature a 9-slot wheel.
  • A new report system is added which allows you to report other players for disruptive or toxic behaviour. You can create and update reports during a match. You can also update your report on the post-game screen.
  • New mute all and self-mute controls.


The following skins will be released in the 13.9 patch:

  • Inkshadow Aurelion Sol
  • Inkshadow Kai'Sa
  • Inkshadow Master Yi
  • Inkshadow Udyr
  • Inkshadow Volibear
  • InkshadowYasuo
  • Inkshadow Yone
  • Prestige Inkshadow Yasuo

Among the new skins, buffs, nerfs and more there are various bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements included in the patch.

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