How To Preload Hogwarts Legacy

How To Preload Hogwarts Legacy
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3rd Feb 2023 13:11

Before its PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC release date of Friday, 10 February 2023, the anticipation for Hogwarts Legacy is steadily building. Because of that, more players than ever will be wanting to know if and when they can pre-install the game. Let's get into if and how you can preload Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Preload Hogwarts Legacy

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You can preload Hogwarts Legacy right now before the game's 7 February release date (confirmed for 00:00 local time worldwide) for those who've gotten 72-hour early access by purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition, and 10 February for those buying the other versions. However, this is only for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S players.

At the time of writing, we currently have no confirmation on the preload date for PS5 players, and those on PC will unfortunately not be able to preload Hogwarts Legacy at all. However, WB Games clarified over Twitter (but has since been deleted) that preloading on PlayStation "typically occurs at least 72 hours before the release date". So, the Hogwarts Legacy preload on PS5 could be available as early as 4 February.

In order to pre-install Hogwarts Legacy - with a current file size of 76GB and 50GB on Xbox Series X and S respectively - you can do so right now on your console if you've pre-ordered it. However, if you've got the Xbox app on your phone handy, you can preload Hogwarts Legacy without even pre-ordering it first.

You just need to follow a few quick steps:

1) Go into the Xbox app and sign in.

2) Search "Hogwarts Legacy".

3) Choose the Xbox Series X/S version of Hogwarts Legacy.

4) Select the option "download to console".

5) Choose which Xbox Series X/S console to preload Hogwarts Legacy on, and then the download and installation progress will begin.

You must keep in mind, however, that in order to access the game from 10 February, you will have to make a purchase of the game eventually. Nevertheless, you can then start playing Hogwarts Legacy that much quicker!

That's a wrap on if and how you can preload Hogwarts Legacy! For even more of what's coming with the game, take a look at whether there are romance options in Hogwarts Legacy. Alternatively, why not find out if Hogwarts Legacy has multiplayer?

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