How long is Persona 5 Tactica?

How long is Persona 5 Tactica?
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20th Nov 2023 17:20

After the many hours the mainline games take to beat, plenty of P5 fans are curious about how long Persona 5 Tactica is. Although it's not the longest, this tactical RPG will still require a bit of a time investment. 

With that, let's get into the exact length of Persona 5 Tactica. 

How long is Persona 5 Tactica?

Persona 5 Tactica is at least 30 to 35 hours long, although it will only take you that long to beat it if you speed through the story without going through any of the side content.

If you spend time on the optional conversations at Leblanc, on completing any of the side quests, or in the Velvet Room customising your team loadout with Persona fusions, you could easily spend 40 hours and upwards to get through the game

The hideout menu in Persona 5 Tactica, which is at least 30 hours long
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Overall, there are 52 missions throughout the campaign along with 15 side missions. The main incentive to play those side missions is additional GP for certain characters to unlock more skills, but they're not essential if you're trying to beat P5 Tactica as quickly as possible. 

If you're a completionist who takes their time through all of the side content, likes to grind for experience points, or plays through the harder difficulties, Persona 5 Tactica will end up being up to 50 hours long

Altogether though, Tactica is only about half as long as the original Persona 5 and even less than Royal. So, if you're used to playing massive RPGs like those, the playtime for this tactical RPG spin-off will feel like a breeze by comparison.

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