Find out about Melee Pits & how to find them in Horizon Forbidden West

Find out about Melee Pits & how to find them in Horizon Forbidden West

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Dave McAdam


16th Feb 2022 18:33

Melee Pits are a way to challenge yourself and get better at person-to-person combat. Horizon Forbidden West has players go up against many enemies, both man and machine and one way to take part in some friendly competition is in the Melee Pits. To learn more, here's everything we know about the Horizon Forbidden West Melee Pits.

What are Melee Pits?

Melee Pits are training areas you can find throughout the game. They are like mini-arenas, where spectator fights might take place. Head to a Melee Pit and you can challenge the locals to a friendly sparring competition. These fights are melee only, so they are a great way to get some practice in with your spear.

Horizon Forbidden West Melee Pits: What They Are
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There are four different Melee Pits, with 15 challenges to complete in total. Completing all of them and defeating the Pit Master at each one will reward you with The Enduring trophy.

Where can you find Melee Pits?

Melee Pits can be found in settlements throughout the Forbidden West. While exploring the world, check for these Melee Pits in any towns or villages you come across. You can't miss any of the Melee Pits during your playthrough because they can be found in the open world, although you need to ensure you've unlocked the right combos in the Warrior Skill Tree to partake in some of the challenges.

Horizon Forbidden West Melee Pits: Where They Are
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Aside from the Melee Pits, another way to challenge yourself is in the Arena. For more, check out Horizon Forbidden West Arena: Where To Find The Arena.

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