Get Huge Simulator codes to redeem boosts, strength & more (December 2023)

Get Huge Simulator codes to redeem boosts, strength & more (December 2023)
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Dave McAdam

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1st Dec 2023 14:51

Get Huge Simulator is an incredibly well-known Roblox game, and the active codes on offer can bestow great rewards (for free!) that provide boosts to strength and more - with some even lasting a decent amount of time.  

Below, we'll rundown all currently the active rewards in the game as well as how to redeem them, so stick around to ensure you're able to get into these live matches in no time.

Active codes in Get Huge Simulator

With four active codes, there are a good amount of goodies on offer in the form of in-game Gems and Boosts:

Codes  Rewards
25K Gems, 2 hours of Auto-Lift, a Unique Turkey Pet, 30min of 2x Strength (NEW)
Maleficent 25K Gems, 2 hours of Auto-Lift, 25min of Luck Boost, 30min of 2x Strength
AutoLift 2 hours of Auto-Lift
Scarecrow 25K Gems, 10 hours of Auto-Lift, 2h of 2x Strength

How to redeem Get Huge Simulator codes

Get Huge Simulator code redeem screen
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Whenever you jump into a new Roblox game, it can take a minute to figure out how to redeem codes. For that reason, here is a step-by-step guide on how to redeem your codes:

  • Launch Get Huge Simulator and click on the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen
  • Click on the text box in the pop-up window
  • Enter one of the active codes above
  • Press Redeem to receive your rewards and enjoy

That's all you need to know about redeeming codes in Get Huge Simulator. Make sure to enter all of these Training Simulator codes before they expire, we also have a full list of All Of Us Are Dead codes if you want more free in-game items. And for more codes, check out our Roblox homepage.

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