All of Us Are Dead codes to redeem Blue Flames

All of Us Are Dead codes to redeem Blue Flames
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Many Roblox games allow players to get extra freebies and rewards with codes, and All of Us Are Dead is no different, allowing you to earn the main currency of Blue Flames a little faster with redeemable codes.

All of Us Are Dead is based on the Korean Netflix series of the same name, which sees a high school infested with zombies. The game differs a bit though, allowing players to go on rampages against zombies with the goal of defending themselves until the timer runs out.

If you enjoy playing All of Us Are Dead and want to get a bit more from playing, check out the working codes below.

All active All of Us Are Dead codes

All of Us Are Dead codes let players earn Blue Flames, a currency that can be used for getting new equipment and costumes. All the working codes for the game can be found below.

Codes Rewards
50K 400 Blue Flames

How to redeem All of Us Are Dead

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Knowing the codes is only half the battle, as to rise above the undead you'll also need to know how to redeem them.

The full process for redeeming All of Us Are Dead codes is fairly simple, so follow the instructions below to get your extras:

  • In the spawn area, select 'Codes' from the right of the screen
  • Enter a code into the text field that appears
  • Click 'Redeem!' and gain your rewards

Once I clicked 'Redeem!', the screen filled with a bunch of Blue Flames before adding to the counter in the top right, so you can see immediately if it works.

How to get more All of Us Are Dead codes

According to the Roblox page, new All of Us Are Dead codes are posted on the Discord server

There will also be a new code once the game reaches 60,000 likes, meaning it needs an extra 7000 before a new code will be added.

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