Game Builder Garage Codes (October 2022)

Game Builder Garage Codes (October 2022)
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Dave McAdam


5th Oct 2022 13:22

Who doesn't like to check out free games? Well, with Game Builder Garage codes, you'll be able to check out lots of other people's creations. Game Builder Garage is a popular game-creation game and these Game Builder Garage codes are likely to be updated on a regular basis with new games being made frequently. Below, we'll provide you with some of the most popular Game Builder Garage codes. We'll also detail how to redeem them so stick to the end to ensure you're able to get all of your games in no time.

Game Builder Garage Codes (October 2022)

Here is what you are looking for, the list of Game Builder Garage codes. Each of these will be a different experience built within the game. Here are all the active Game Builder Garage codes:



G-000-2HV-VLG Doom Eternal by MrTiffles
G-007-6CF-DC0 GTA by ShuggyTheBuggy
G-002-KNG-M24 Flappy Bird by Tanfor
P-007-K6G-VRC Alone? by Borri
G-003-TXJ-GRT Luigi’s Mansion Arcade by Giulytsme
G-002-91N-DF7 Excitebike
G-005-PHW-XB1 1st Person Zelda
G-008-V91-GVN F-Zero
G-001-MG6-7VB Mario Kart
G-003-871-HBP GTA V Garage Edition v1.1 by ShuggyTheBuggy
G-001-0YN-90M GTA Garage Edition v2 [MASSIVE 3D UPDATE] by ShuggyTheBuggy
G-008-JD0-GJR Recreation of Game & Watch: Ball by @LeavingLuck
G-002-XG2-9WT PT Remake by @banYongthom
G-002-54C-N4P F-Zero by ZeldaBoi
G-005-5V8-KPW Box Popping by PokkaBokka
G-005-0YT-779 Tomb of the Bittersweet Fruit by Linkuigi
G-004-5JR-906 Nintendogs by @ichrin_anemone
G-008-T70-PX3 Sonic 3D by AliVe
G-006-736-3MY Robot Factory by thatanimeweirdo
G-002-LRJ-9RB PacMan by ClarFon
G-001-7MX-NBG Warioware: Metroid by Siactro
G-007-J4D-M3G Dino Runner by u/zocker9000
G-007-XVM-D6R Mario 64 Lava Land by @Aybee9298
G-004-R4R-MCJ Stealth game by @OniLink
G-001-6NM-7VB Amogus by DaSussy
G-002-LRM-JWV SUPERHOT Garage by Yukon
G-001-X6H-M41 Mario Kart by ZeldaBoi
G-003-H4Y-M3Y Earthbound demo by Zeldaboi
G-002-91L-03F Minecraft Garage by Carson
G-002-732-B5B DBZ Clash by Ashachu-6151
G-006-NV4-9XM WarioWare: Metroid by Siactro
G-008-1WD-PCT Sonic 3D 2.0 Green Hill by AliVe
G-002-FT7-X6D Hit The Targets by JoyCon
G-008-2PT-0KT Trash Bandicoot by tallez
G-007-3JF-B2G Ronald’s Filet-O-Fish
G-005-DR6-B0D Link Goes Crazy!


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Game Builder Garage Expired Codes (October 2022)

Typically, our code articles include this expired section for storage of previously active codes. However, this is not applicable to Game Builder Garage. So, let's move along quickly to the instruction on how to use codes.

How To Redeem Game Builder Garage Codes

Of course, what use are codes for exciting new gifts if you don't know how to redeem them? Make sure to follow the steps below if you want to get access to all the free loot:

  • Launch the game and select Free Programming.
  • Select Receive on the left side of the menu, then choose Receive from Online.
  • Then, you can enter a Game ID or Programmer ID.
  • Input one of the above codes and the game will shortly begin downloading.
  • Go to the All Games menu to see and play your downloaded games.

That rounds off our full list of Game Builder Garage codes, giving you all the information about the active and expired codes you can use to gain every advantage possible. Enjoy your games!

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