Active Anime Fighters Simulator codes to redeem free Boosts, Tokens & more

Active Anime Fighters Simulator codes to redeem free Boosts, Tokens & more
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Anime Fighters Simulator is a competitive Roblox game, but you can get the edge on your opponents if you utilise all of the free redeem codes on offer. Thankfully, we've got a complete list of all the free codes that are working in the game right now.

If you're yet to try Anime Fighters Simulator, it's a game that's all about collecting and using various characters in fights, usually against other players. You can explore the vast world, discover new areas, and in turn uncover new characters to add to your roster.

Keep reading for the list of active codes for the game, as well as instructions for how to redeem them all.

All Anime Fighters Simulator codes

Code Reward
Special15K 3 passive lucky potions, 50 winter passive tokens, 5 grimoire tokens, 5 passive transfer tokens, 3 shiny potions (NEW)
AFSComeback? Boosts & Tokens
WinterEvent Boosts & Tokens
Boosts & Tokens
Boosts & Tokens
Update51 Boosts & Tokens
SuperApology 6 Passive Transfert Tokens
DelayUPD51 x2 Grimoire Tokens
Pregame_U8zKL 10 Passive Transfer Tokens / 2 Shiny Boosts, 2 Super Drop Boosts (NORMAL / HARDCORE)
TRANSFERS! 10 Passive Transfer Tokens (NORMAL)
ZnxCvb9 5 Passive Transfer Tokens and 2 Super Drop Boosts / 2 Super Damage Boosts, 2 Super Luck Boosts (NORMAL / HARDCORE)
SorryForBugs +2 Super Luck Boosts / +2 Super Drops Boosts (NORMAL / HARDCORE)
AFSUpd50 2 Shiny Boosts, 2 Super Drop Boosts , 2 Damage Boosts (NORMAL)
@brandonha_0210 x2 Passive Transfer Token, Super Drop Boost, Super Luck Boost, and Super Time Boost
CastlevaniaHype 5 passive Transfer Tokens
Update49 2 Super Luck Boosts, 2 Super Drop Boost Boosts, 2 Super Time Boosts
!Update48! 2 Drop Boost Boosts, 2 Time Boosts
HAPPYHALLOWEEN 5 passive Transfer Tokens
DelayedHalloween 5 passive Transfer Tokens
!Update47! 2 Super Luck Boosts, 2 Super Drop Boost Boosts, 2 Super Time Boosts, 5 Passive tokens
!Update46! Free rewards
1MILLIONLIKES! 10 Passive Transfer Tokens + 1 Super Drop Boost
SorryUpdate46! 5 Passive Transfer Tokens + 2 Super Time Boosts
UPDATE45! 5 Passive Transfer Tokens
SuperTime 1 Super Time Boost
CommunityDecision 2 Passive Transfer Tokens
SorryForDelay!!! 2 Transfer Tokens
Update44Released 1 Super Time Boost
Kekeke 2 Time Boost, 1 Transfer Token, and 1 Drop Boost
QOLChanges! Dungeon CD Reset & 1 Time Boost & 1 Passive Transfer Token
Update44! +1 Passive Transfer Token
QOLPatch 2 Luck Boosts, 2 Time Boosts
DungeonCDRESET Dungeon Reset
Update41 + 2 Boosts
SaopauloW Damage Boost, Shiny Boost, Luck Boost
ResetDungeonCD free dungeon reset
BlastOff2023 +1 Super Time Boost , +1 Super Luck Boost
BuffPatch Super Time Boost
Update40! Time Boost
Summer2023! +2 Summer 2023 Passive Reroll Tokens
InfiniteBalance a Super Drop Boost
INFINITYpatch +15 Minutes Luck Boost, +2 Clone Tokens, +1 Avatar Coin, & Dungeon Reset
SorryDelay +2 Clone Tokens and +1 Dungeon Reset
UPD37! +2 Avatar Coins, +1 Dungeon Summon, +1 Dungeon Reset
DungeonRecovery Dungeon Cooldown Reset, +2 Dungeon Token, +1 Shiny Boost, +1 Luck Boost
DataFixed? 2 Avatar Coins
100KPlayers 3 Clone Tokens
BrazilOnTOP 3 Avatar Coins
KingIsBack +15 minutes Luck boost
25kPlayers! Boosts and Tokens
SubToFminusmic 2 Shiny Potions
CALEBSHELLO 10 Dungeon Tokens
!BOSSSTUDIO! 15 Min luck Boost
AFSComeback 2 Dungeon Tokens
BillionVisits Boosts and Tokens
TheAbyss Boosts and Tokens
Insane1Million Boosts and Tokens
WorldAtWar Boosts and Tokens
SummerEvent2 Boosts and Tokens
SummerEvent Tokens and Boosts
Sulley1M Boosts
1MilFaves XP Boost, Defense Token, Yen Boost

Above, you'll find all of the current active codes for Anime Fighters Simulator. We've logged into the game to check these out for ourselves and can confirm that they all work at the time of writing.

As you can see, there are quite a few codes available for this game, providing a plethora of rewards. For example, some will provide Boosts, while others will provide Tokens.

How to redeem Anime Fighters Simulator codes

The code redeem screen for Anime Fighters Simulator
Click to enlarge

Now you know about all the active codes, you'll need to know the step-by-step process for how to redeem them:

  • Click the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen
  • In the new window, enter a code into the text field
  • Select the green > button to get your rewards

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