Fortnite X Rocket League Octane Vehicle: Where To Find And How To Use

Fortnite X Rocket League Octane Vehicle: Where To Find And How To Use
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Coleman Hamstead


6th Oct 2022 12:28

Straight out of Rocket League, the Fortnite Octane Vehicle is the most advanced Fortnite automobile yet. Just like in Rocket League, the Octane in Fortnite has rocket boosters and supersonic speed, plus the ability to jump, double jump, dodge, fly, and traverse walls! See for yourself what this brand-new Vehicle is all about as we review where to find and how to use the Fortnite Octane.

Fortnite Octane Vehicle: Where To Find

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For the time being, the Fortnite Octane Vehicle is only available in Creative Mode. To get a Fortnite Octane, you must use an Octane Spawner Device. Alternatively, you can join in on a preexisting Island that uses Octane Spawners, like Rocket League's Octane Park Tutorial (Island Code: 7335-2078-5523).

Fortnite Octane Vehicle: How To Use

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The Octane is unlike any vehicle ever seen in Fortnite. Surprisingly, the Fortnite Octane functions quite similarly to how it does in Rocket League. The Octane is lightweight and can rocket boost, jump, and manoeuvre in the air, plus drive on walls with its Sticky Wheels.

Below is a list of the Fortnite Octane's full capabilities:

  • Jump: Press the Jump button once to make the Octane jump. Hold the button to jump higher.
  • Double Jump: Press the Jump button twice for a double jump.
  • Drift: Use the handbrake to drift and make sharp turns.
  • Air Yaw: While in mid-air, steer left and right to control air rotation.
  • Air Roll: While in mid-air, press and hold Toggle Air Roll while steering left and right to control air roll.
  • Air Pitch: While in mid-air, pitch forward or back while mid-air to control air pitch.
  • Dodge: Jump, and while rotating the Octane, press Jump again to Dodge in any direction.
  • Reverse Camera: Hold Reverse Camera to look behind you.
  • Toggle Camera: Toggle the camera to switch between free-look and swivel camera controls.
  • Boost: Boost is a unique resource that allows the Octane to drive faster and fly.
  • Aerials: After pressing the Jump button, pitch back, then hold the boost button to fly in the air!

As for how to drive the Rocket League Octane in Fortnite, refer to the controls below:

  • Throttle
    • PC: W
    • Console: Right Trigger
  • Reverse
    • PC: S
    • Console: Left Trigger
  • Steer
    • PC: A/D
    • Console: Left Stick
  • Boost
    • PC: Left Mouse Button/Left Shift
    • Console: B/Circle
  • Jump
    • PC: Right Mouse Button/Space Bar
    • Console: A/X
  • Handbrake
    • PC: Left Control
    • Console: Left Bumper
  • Air Pitch Up
    • PC: S
    • Console: Left Stick Down
  • Air Pitch Down
    • PC: W
    • Console: Left Stick Up
  • Air Yaw Left
    • PC: S
    • Console: Left Stick Left
  • Air Yaw Right
    • PC: D
    • Console: Left Stick Right
  • Air Roll Toggle
    • PC: Left Shift
    • Console: Left Trigger
  • Camera Look
    • PC: Mouse
    • Console: Right Stick
  • Camera Lock/Unlock
    • PC: T
    • Console: RB
  • Reverse Camera
    • PC: F
    • Console: Right Stick Click
  • Driver Enter/Exit
    • PC: E (Hold for Exit)
    • Console: X/Square (Hold for Exit)
  • Radio On/Off
    • PC: R
    • Console: Y/Triangle
  • Radio Station Next
    • PC: C
    • Console: D-Pad Down

Fortnite X Rocket League Octane Callout

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To celebrate the introduction of Rocket League's staple Battle-Car into Fortnite, Epic Games is hosting the Fortnite X Rocket League Octane Callout. This unique opportunity calls on Fortnite creators to design islands that take advantage of this brand-new Vehicle. Epic's favourite islands will be featured in a special Discover row in November 2022.

Quality, innovation, and creativity will be key to grabbing Epic Games' attention. To participate in the Fortnite X Rocket League Octane Callout, submit your island through the Creative Content submission form before 12am on November 1, 2022.

With that, you have everything you need to take to the streets of Fortnite in the Octane. Review the Octane controls and capabilities, then hop into Creative Mode to test this advanced Vehicle for yourself. Who knows — one day the Fortnite Octane might become available in Battle Royale!

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