Fortnite Muscle Car parts: Locations & where to find to complete Piper Pace quests

Fortnite Muscle Car parts: Locations & where to find to complete Piper Pace quests
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Coleman Hamstead


14th Sep 2023 17:38

Nolan Chance needs our help to recruit Fortnite's most infamous getaway driver, Piper Pace. But before this Fortnite Character will consider helping us out, she wants us to retrieve muscle car parts so she can tune up her car.

This primer details where to look in the free-to-play battle royale to find and collect muscle car parts, letting you complete the Piper Pace quests.

Where to collect muscle car parts in Fortnite

A map of where to find muscle car parts in Fortnite
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You can find muscle car parts at Gas Stations and Auto-Repair Shops. For the most part, these establishments are all situated on the east half of the Island. When you get close to muscle car parts, a white diamond with an exclamation point in the centre of it will appear on your map.

The following POIs and Landmarks are home to a Gas Station or Auto-Repair Shop where you can sometimes find muscle car parts:

  • Slappy Shores
  • MEGA City
  • Slap N' Gone 
  • Fallow Fuel
  • Beep N' Bounce

Muscle car parts fit the theme of Gas Stations and Auto-Repair Shops, so they can be difficult to spot. Keep an eye out for tiny containers stocked with assorted parts. Muscle car parts emit sparkles, too, making them easier to pick out.

Approach a set of muscle car parts and interact with the container to collect the parts! You must collect three bundles of muscle car parts to complete Stage 3 of Piper Pace's Snapshot Quests.

Piper Pace quest rewards for collecting muscle car parts in Fortnite

An in-game screenshot of muscle car parts in Fortnite
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Collecting three sets of muscle parts in Fortnite will net you 25K XP and increase your Rep with Piper Pace. Completing this particular challenge will unlock the ability to purchase the Pizza Party Consumable Item from Piper Pace for 100 Gold Bars. This is quite useful, as you will need Pizza Parties to complete subsequent Piper Pace Snapshot Quests.

That's all there is to collecting muscle car parts in Fortnite. Collect muscle car parts to help Piper Pace build the perfect getaway vehicle in Piper Pace's Snapshot Quests. For your efforts, you will receive 25K XP and access to Pizza Parties courtesy of Piper Pace.

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