How To Throw Something In Fortnite

How To Throw Something In Fortnite
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Daniel Hollis


24th Jan 2023 15:28

Do you want to know how to throw something in Fortnite? Fortnite is back with another set of weekly challenges, each offering players some extensive XP rewards for their hard-earned efforts. While, for the most part, these quests are relatively easy, there is still the odd one or two that have a confusing message or requires you to think outside the box.

In the case of this week, one of the Fortnite challenges players may struggle to complete is the quest that asks you to throw something. It’s incredibly vague and could potentially lead to confusion when you just want to complete them all as fast as possible. If you’re stuck, here’s how to throw something in Fortnite.

How To Throw Something In Fortnite

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At first glance, it may appear the challenge is tasking you to do something slightly laborious, but in actual fact, it’s much simpler than it initially seems. The common problem many players face is overthinking the solution when it’s really as easy as it sounds.

To complete the throw something challenge in Fortnite, players can use a variety of items. This includes - and is not limited to - Chug Splashes, Grenades, and even opponents. It all ties into the theme of this week’s set of challenges, which is called Throw Down.

It's incredibly easy to accomplish too. With the item you want to throw selected, you then need to aim as if you were looking down the sights of your weapon and throw it by pressing the fire button. Your item will leave your hand and hit the targeted area in Fortnite.

Obviously, the easiest of these to throw is either grenades or Chug Splashes. Both can be found fairly regularly around the Fortnite island, but you can make things easier if you’re really struggling. With the new perk Augment system, select the Splash Medic perk once it appears. If you’re not coming across it, keep re-rolling until you do - it’s relatively common.

Once you have thrown something once, the challenge will be marked as complete, allowing you to work on the remainder of your missions for the week in Fortnite.

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