How to collect Golden Eggs in Fortnite

How to collect Golden Eggs in Fortnite
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31st Mar 2023 15:58

You may want to know how to collect Golden Eggs in Fortnite, as with the Spring Breakout event, there are a tonne of new challenges, with one of them asking you to acquire of these rare eggs. 

Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the world and a premier battle royale. Part of the game's longevity is down to its Epic's willingness to refresh the game with new content frequently, such as events, battle passes, and more. 

If you're enjoying the Spring Breakout event and want some help completing the challenges for it, check out how to collect Golden Eggs in Fortnite below. 

How to collect Golden Eggs in Fortnite

How to collect Golden Eggs in Fortnite
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With the Spring Breakout event in Fortnite, the map has been overrun by chickens who lay a lot of different types of eggs. However, a specific challenge for this event asks you to collect a Golden Egg, which is unsurprisingly the rarest egg type. 

While you can get one of these eggs by just playing the game due to how many chickens there are across the map, there is an easier method for those wanting to get the challenge over and done with quickly. 

We suggest making your way over to Frenzy Fields, which is a point of interest located in the southern part of the map. Once you get here, you can find an entire farm full of chickens who are roaming around freely. 

The chickens will be constantly laying eggs, which will in turn result in more chickens being born who can lay even more eggs. This means all you need to do is wait and watch for a Golden Egg to be produced so you can pick it up. 

Once you grab the Golden Egg, you will have finished the challenge, and you'll be on your way to earn the event rewards. 

That's all for our explainer of how to collect Golden Eggs in Fortnite, and now you know the best method to complete the associated challenge quickly. 

That's all you need to know thanks to our "collect Golden Eggs Fortnite" guide. 

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