What are Fortnite Accolades and how do you get them?

What are Fortnite Accolades and how do you get them?
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Daniel Hollis


13th Mar 2023 13:35

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is here, with plenty of new content and challenges for players to sink their teeth into. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming how much there is to actually do, with a never-ending stream of quests and changes coming on a weekly basis.

One of the latest elements of the game to be updated are the Accolades. These helpful bonuses can be vital in powering through the Battle Pass, however, they are often overlooked, with many players not even realizing what they are.

If you want to learn about the Fortnite Accolades systems and how to unlock them, you’ve come to the right place.

What are Accolades and how do you get them in Fortnite?

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Simply put, Accolades are mini achievements you earn at the end of a match. They come bundled with some huge XP rewards, meaning that going out of your way to earn them is incredibly important.

At the end of a Fortnite match, you will be able to view your match stats, and with it, see all of the Accolades you have gained so far. These challenges can range from catching fish to collecting gold bars. They’re not too hard to complete but are perfect ways to quickly power through the Battle Pass.

With the release of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, a new bunch of Accolades has been introduced. If you want to know what you should be aiming for, here is a full rundown of all 23 Accolades in this season:

  • Battle Ready: Be the first player to reach maximum health and shields
  • Bird of Prey: Be the first player to catch a chicken
  • Can of Worms: Catch five fishes.
  • Fishmonger: Catch ten fish.
  • Pescetarian: Catch 15 fish.
  • Early Bird: Be the first player to pick up a Legendary item.
  • Open Season: Hunt three animals.
  • Carnivore: Hunt nine animals.
  • Demolition Specialist: Destroy 50 structures.
  • Demolition Expert: Destroy 250 structures.
  • Demolition Master: Destroy 1,000 structures.
  • Finders Keepers: Be the first one to collect a weapon from an eliminated player.
  • Game Keeper: Hunt six animals.
  • Gold Rush: Acquire 50 Gold Bars.
  • Gold Glory: Acquire 100 Gold Bars.
  • Treasure Trove: Acquire 250 Gold Bars.
  • Helping Hand: Achieved when a follower revives a team member or character
  • Hired Gun: Achieved when a player is knocked or eliminated by a follower
  • Patch Up, Pronto!: Be the first one to revive a player.
  • Quit Exit: Be the first player to get eliminated.
  • Sic ‘Em: Achieved when a player is knocked or eliminated by a tamed beast.
  • The Gift of Life: Be the first one to reboot a player.
  • Swift Shrubbery: Be the first one to apply a Bush.

As you can see, they aren’t too difficult to accomplish, and many of them will be achieved through standard play. If you’re finding that leveling up this season’s Battle Pass in Fortnite is a pain, it’s always worthwhile making use of the Accolade system.

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