All Fishing Clash codes to redeem Fish Cards, Power-Ups & Frames

All Fishing Clash codes to redeem Fish Cards, Power-Ups & Frames
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10th Jan 2024 11:33

Simulator mobile game fans will find Fishing Clash enough of a thrill ride as it is, but having codes to redeem will make casting your hook even better. 

Developed by Ten Square Games, Fishing Clash lets you live your best fisherman life by allowing you to cast off, get a fish on the hook, and do your best to ensure your catch doesn't get away. By also using codes in the game though, you'll get special rewards that will help you get a step ahead.

All Fishing Clash codes

Code Rewards
TWF Fish Cards, Power-Ups, and Frames

You'll find all active Fishing Clash codes in the table above, allowing you Fish Cards, Power-Ups, and Frames to give you an edge while playing. 

After going into the game for a test, I can confirm that I could redeem the above rewards with no issue. 

How to redeem Fishing Clash codes

The menu to redeem Fishing Clash codes
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If you're unsure about how to redeem Fishing Clash codes, you just need to carry out these quick steps once you're in the game: 

  • Press the blue box with three lines in the top-right
  • Select "Gift Codes"
  • Type your code into the "Enter code" text box
  • Select "CLAIM"
  • If correct, you should get your rewards right away

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