How to complete the "Find it in Fortnite" quests

How to complete the "Find it in Fortnite" quests
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1st Mar 2023 10:04

Need help with the Find it in Fortnite Quests? If you like to explore original Islands in Creative Mode, you'll love these limited-time Fortnite Challenges. This guide will review how to complete the Find it in Fortnite Quests.

"Find it in Fortnite" quests overview

The Find it in Fortnite Quests send players on an expedition across six creator-made experiences. Players must visit all six Creative Mode Islands and complete the associated Quests to unlock all the exclusive rewards — and a ton of XP.

You have until March 8, 2023, to complete all the Find it in Fortnite Quests. However, you'll still be able to go back and visit the Creative Islands if you'd like!

All "Find it in Fortnite" quests

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Each creator-made experience sports two Quests each. You can take these Challenges on in the order of your choosing. 

Below are all the Find it in Fortnite Quests and the codes you need to access the Creative Mode Islands:

Murder Mystery (0583-5944-5318)

  • Collect coins in Murder Mystery (50)
  • Win Rounds in Murder Mystery (10)

Deadpines: Zombie Survival (0598-1708-7538)

  • Destroy zombies in Deadpines: Zombie Survival (500)
  • Earn Crystals in Deadpines: Zombie Survival (10)

Machine War (5032-2578-0034)

  • Earn points for your team in Machine War (300)
  • Eliminate Opponents in Machine War (25)

Valhalla (0399-0154-2182)

  • Open Chests in Valhalla (25)
  • Wander the Realms in Valhalla (30,000)

Prison Mythic Gungame (6882-8801-3933)

  • Eliminate Opponents in Prison Mythic Gungame (15)
  • Eliminate 3 Opponents without being eliminated in Prison Mythic Gungame (1)

75 Level Motorcycle Deathrun (6562-2122-0969)

  • Reach Checkpoints in 75 Level Motorcycle Deathrun (5)
  • Complete 75 Level Motorcycle Deathrun (1)

  • The Fortnite Adonis Creed Skin can be yours starting March 2, 2023.

All "Find it in Fortnite" rewards

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For every Find it in Fortnite Quest you complete, you will receive 20K XP. Furthermore, there are three Find it in Fortnite Bonus Goals that offer additional rewards:

  • Complete three Find it in Fortnite Quests
    • Reward: Carbide Creation Emoticon
  • Complete six Find it in Fortnite Quests 
    • Reward: Human Wheeliam Spray and Squaring Off Wrap
  • Complete nine Find it in Fortnite Quests 
    • Reward: Creativity Calls Emoticon and Check the Map Emote

That's all there is to the Find it in Fortnite Quests. Complete all the Find it in Fortnite Quests by March 8, 2023, to unlock a bunch of XP and limited-time rewards.

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