Exoprimal release date, trailers, gameplay, Xbox Game Pass & more

Exoprimal release date, trailers, gameplay, Xbox Game Pass & more
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Dave McAdam


17th Mar 2023 11:27

The Exoprimal release date is fast approaching, and we have all the info. Exoprimal is a new IP from Capcom, where players don mechanised suits to fight hordes of dinosaurs. We have the release date, trailers, gameplay details and plenty more about the game for you here. Here is everything you need to know ahead of the Exoprimal release date.

Exoprimal release date and early access

Exoprimal release hub: a group of Exopilots fighting against dinosaurs
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As mentioned, we do not have long to wait until the Exoprimal release date. The game is set for a 14 July 2023 launch. With just a couple of months between now and the launch day, we can only hope that the date does not get pushed back.

If you want to get an early look at the game, you can join the open beta running from 17 to 20 March. The beta gives you access to all of the Exosuits and the main game mode, Dino Survival.

Exoprimal trailers

Exoprimal release hub: the main cast of the game
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The first look we got at Exoprimal came back in March of 2022, with the reveal trailer. This trailer set up the basic premise of the game - it is 2043, dinosaurs occasionally fall from the sky, and there are people in mech suits who fight them. It really was hard to believe at the time that this wasn't a new Dino Crisis game, but we can't have everything.

The next time we saw the game was in June of 2022 when a gameplay preview was shown to the public. This gave us our first proper look at the game, how the main game mode Dino Survival works, and some insight into what the Exosuits can do.

In March of this year, we got the release date trailer and a deeper look into the story of the game. We play as Ace, an Exosuit pilot who fights the dinosaur hordes. Time travel, rogue AIs, apocalypses- you name it, Exoprimal has got it.

Exoprimal platforms and Game Pass

Exoprimal release hub: A team of Exopilots prepare for a mission
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Exoprimal is coming to many platforms when it launches in July. Fans can buy the game on PlayStation 4 and 5, PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S. Xbox and PC fans have even more to be happy about, because Exoprimal is coming to Game Pass on both platforms.

If you and your friends own differing consoles, the game will support crossplay between all available platforms. Everyone will be able to play Exoprimal and shoot a bunch of dinosaurs together.

That is everything we know so far about Exoprimal, the release date, trailers, platforms and more. For all the news and info on this game as and when it comes, stick with us at GGRecon.