Elden Ring Seppuku: How To Get The Seppuku Ash Of War

Elden Ring Seppuku: How To Get The Seppuku Ash Of War
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22nd Mar 2022 09:24

The Elden Ring Seppuku Ashes of War is one of the coolest-looking skills in the game, but it can't tracked down until much later. Elden Ring adds unique skills to the majority of weapons, and gives players the chance to swap some of them out for Ashes of War which can be found across the Forgotten Lands. If you're looking for the Elden Ring Seppuku skill, read on for a breakdown of what it does and where you can find it. 

Elden Ring Seppuku: What Does It Do?

Elden Ring Seppuku
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The historical act of Seppuku was practiced by the feudal Japanese Samurai class, where they would perform ritual suicide by impaling themselves in the abdomen with a sword. It works very similarly in Elden Ring, with the player plunging their weapon into their stomach, but it coats their sword with blood to increase attack damage and the efficacy of blood loss. 

This is a great Ash of War for players with weapons that have fast attack speed and already have blood loss effects, as you can make the most of it. It's also very effective when focusing on one enemy, like a boss, because of the burst potential from the extra damage. 


Elden Ring Seppuku: How To Get It?

Elden Ring Seppuku location
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The Elden Ring Seppuku Ash of War can be found in the Mountaintop of the Giants region, which is toward the north of the map. It can be earned by killing an Invisible Scarab on the frozen lake area, which is just next to a Lost Grace site called Freezing Lake. The scarab's route can be seen by following the golden tracks on the ground, so just wait along its route and time your attack as it comes nearby. The Ash of War can then be equipped at any Lost Grace.

That's our primer on the Elden Ring Seppuku Ash of War, and now you know what it does and where to find it.

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