EA FC 24 crossplay & cross-progression explained, from Clubs to Ultimate Team

EA FC 24 crossplay & cross-progression explained, from Clubs to Ultimate Team
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Morgan Truder


11th Oct 2023 16:20

There's nothing better than playing with (or against) your friends, but you'll need to know if EA FC 24 supports crossplay and cross-progression in modes like Ultimate Team and Clubs before you can get started.

Competition is the name of the game on EA FC, and whether you want to prove that you truly are better than your friends, or work together to climb the ladder as a club, you don't want to have any console barriers in the way.

Thankfully there are some concessions in the game that allow you to circumvent the barriers that playing on different consoles might create, but there are also some downsides that you will still need to be aware of when engaging in the beautiful game.

So, continue reading to find out more about crossplay and cross-progression features in EA FC 24, as we've got everything you need to know about playing Clubs or Ultimate Team with your friends.

Is there crossplay in EA FC 24?

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There is thankfully extensive crossplay support in EA FC 24, letting you play with your friends on different consoles - with some caveats in place too.

Crossplay in EA FC 24 is split into two separate groups depending on your platform's generation, as there are technically two different versions of the game that would be unfit to play together. Here are the two crossplay groups that are enabled for EA FC 24:

  • Crossplay group #1:
    • PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC
  • Crossplay group #2:
    • PS4, Xbox One

This is due to the different technology available on old-gen consoles compared to new-gen, so it would be impossible to play with players from the previous generation as the game plays and performs differently.

Unfortunately, crossplay is not available on Nintendo Switch in EA FC 24, so you will only be able to play against other Switch players if you own that version of the game.

Furthermore, for the first time ever crossplay is available in Clubs, so you will find it easier than ever before to build a full squad and climb the ladder towards greatness with your friends. Here is a full list of the game modes where crossplay is enabled in EA FC 24:

  • Ultimate Team
  • Clubs
  • Online Friendlies
  • Online Seasons

Finally, there are also different crossplay rules for the Transfer Market in Ultimate Team, as while PlayStation and Xbox share a market with each other, the PC Transfer Market is completely separate. This is likely due to the ease of setting up a market bot on PC, but as someone who played on PC it is incredibly frustrating to deal with - especially when you're coming up against players from other consoles.

It would be great to see EA implement bespoke SBC prices for PC as the market is completely different, but I would be surprised to see this happen as the game should theoretically be the same across all different versions.

Does EA FC 24 support cross-platform progression?

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Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform support right now for EA FC 24, so you are unable to transfer Career Mode saves, Clubs Pros, or Ultimate Team clubs across different platforms.

You can carry progress over between consoles within the same brand, so your Ultimate Team will exist on both PS4 and PS5, but the same will not apply from PS5 to Xbox, for example.

That's everything you need to know about crossplay and cross-platform support in EA FC 24 right now, and it should hopefully now let you jump in with your friends, no matter what console they are on.

Check out our EA FC homepage for more guides like this, or find out who the best players in every position are if you're struggling to build a meta squad.

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