How to get & use Draft Tokens in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

How to get & use Draft Tokens in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team
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24th Sep 2023 17:15

If you’re wondering how to use and get Draft Tokens in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, then you’re in the right place. Drafts in Ultimate Team are a great way of trying out new players, using players you can’t afford, and mixing things up along the way. 

To enter Drafts, it will cost you 15,000 coins - or, you can alternatively enter using a Draft Token. Once you have entered a draft, you will get four knockout games to compete in. If you win, you can move on to the next round but when you lose you will not be able to play anymore. The more games you win, the better the rewards the game offers you.

There are a few different ways to earn Draft Tokens in EA FC 24, and we have outlined them all below.

How to get Draft Tokens in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

There are plenty of different ways to get Draft Tokens in EA FC 24 varying in difficulty. However, sometimes it does just rely on chance.

Here are all the sure-fire ways to earn Draft Tokens in EA FC 24:

  • SBCs: Throughout the life of EA FC 24, SBCs will be released with Draft Tokens in them as rewards
  • Moments: Some of the Moments rewards will offer a Draft Token, so you can jump in with ease 
  • Completing Objectives: Objectives in the game offer a range of rewards, with Draft Tokens being included in there often
  • Opening Packs: Every pack you open, as long as it has other consumables in it, has a chance of offering Draft Tokens. It’s not guaranteed though 
  • Buying them from the store: Draft Token packs can be bought off the store when they’re listed, but they are not always on there

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team menu
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How to use Draft Tokens in EA FC 24

Using Draft Tokens in EA FC 24 is very simple once you know how to. If you go to enter a Draft, a menu will come up asking how you wish to pay. One of the options, if you have them available, will be to use your Draft Token. It is one Token per entry.

Objectives in EA FC 24
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That is all you need to know about entering Drafts in EA FC 24. If you also enjoy a Career Mode, we have a complete guide on all the best teams to use in this year's game, as well as all the best wonderkids you can sign. For everything else, here is our EA FC 24 homepage. 

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