How to increase player ratings in EA FC 24 Career Mode

How to increase player ratings in EA FC 24 Career Mode

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Morgan Truder


23rd Sep 2023 16:07

Career Mode is one of the most popular game modes in EA FC 24, but figuring out how to increase player ratings will go a long way to ensuring your team can get an extra edge over your opponents.

Hopefully, if your save is a success, you will help your team progress into one of the best around, potentially winning plenty of trophies along the way. Now, there is even a Ballon d’Or for your players to pick up if they find extra success in the game.

Below, you can find all the best ways to ensure your player continues to improve and grow your players into world beaters.

How to increase ratings in EA FC 24 Career Mode

EA FC 24 Kudus Career Mode
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Increasing ratings is quite simple, as long as you maintain a few things. The most important part of player growth is ensuring they are playing well, playing often and in consistent form. You also can retrain players into a new position, and if you’re moving players to a position they’re better suited to, their rating will shoot up.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the player's age. If a player is beginning to get too old they will stop growing and no longer be able to improve.

When it comes to making players grow, you’re best off focusing your attention on players who are under 25 - but this is a great function for any players who you’re bringing through your academy.

That’s all there is to know about increasing player ratings in Career Mode. If you’re still unsure on what team to start with, check out our guide to best teams in EA FC 24 Career Mode, as well as our guide to best wonderkids now that you know how to improve their ratings. For everything else, check out our EA FC 24 homepage.

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