Diablo Immortal Wizard: Best Build Guide

Diablo Immortal Wizard: Best Build Guide
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13th Jun 2022 16:35

The Diablo Immortal Wizard class is perfect for anyone who’s just a bit tired of traditional arms and wants to add a bit more spice to their combat - who doesn’t dream of casting spells anyway? Luckily there are spells aplenty in Diablo Immortal, and this guide will give you all the tips to get the best build possible, including all the skills and gems you need to equip. So, if you’re wanting to traverse the world of magic, look no further than our Diablo Immortal Wizard best build guide right here.

Although the Wizard isn’t one of the strongest classes according to our Diablo Immortal class tier list, you can certainly dominate dungeons if you play them right. One of the main things you’ll have to be aware of when playing is your cooldown management as messing up your timings can leave you in a very tricky situation.

There isn’t necessarily anything we can do to directly compensate for this as cooldowns are cooldowns, but we can try and integrate as many escape and defence functions as possible to mitigate any time where you’re left without your abilities.

Best Diablo Immortal Wizard Skills

Diablo Immortal Wizard Best Skills
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The Diablo Immortal Wizard class is rather unique in that you cannot really run one singular build for your skills. To cover your weaknesses and maximise your situational strengths you will need to tailor a few of your skills to each encounter.

Control spells for example are much preferred for single-target boss fights, as well as movement abilities that allow you to avoid incoming attacks. Multi-target spells that can deal huge AoE damage are instead favoured for battles with standard mobs.

Therefore, this Diablo Immortal Wizard best build guide will split the skills into two sections, encompassing the best build for mobs and then for bosses, but there can be even finer adjustments beyond that to suit specific enemies if you see fit.

Diablo Immortal Wizard: Best Build For Mobs

Diablo Immortal Best Skills Mobs
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Skill Name Description Cooldown Level Requirement
Electrocute Strike lightning which leaps to additional enemies at 30% of the original damage   Level 34
Teleport Teleport forward a maximum of three times 15 Seconds Level 15
Ice Crystal Summon an ice crystal that deals damage to nearby enemies and 30% Chill for 12 seconds, and then shatter dealing damage and inflicting 80% Chill for six seconds 30 Seconds Level 20
Black Hole Summon a black hole which sucks in nearby enemies and causes damage build up for three seconds 20 Seconds Level 38
Arcane Torrent Send a channelled set of magic projectiles, dealing single target and splash damage 0.5 Seconds/Until recharged Level 47

Diablo Immortal Wizard: Best Build For Bosses

Diablo Immortal Best Skills Bosses
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Skill Name Description Cooldown Level Requirement
Magic Missile Send a magic missile to a target which deals damage   Level 1
Teleport Teleport forward a maximum of three times 15 Seconds Level 15
Meteor Summon a meteor that deals damage and stuns enemies on impact, also leaving an area of fire that burns enemies for six seconds Nine Seconds Level 41
Ice Armour Build a barrier of ice around you that shields incoming damage and shattered upon expiry, dealing AoE damage and inflicting Chill for six seconds 20 Seconds Level 44
Slow Time Send a bubble to a location of your choosing for six seconds that reduces attack and movement speed by 50% and slows enemy projectiles by 80% 18 Seconds Level 50


As you can probably see, the main difference between the two Diablo Immortal Wizard builds is the target focus. The mob focussed build puts an emphasis on multi-target and AoE abilities that can disperse crowds quickly, whereas the boss build prioritises single-target attacks and defensive moves.

A skill like Slow Time is essential for some of the tougher boss fights in Diablo Immortal due to the speed at which these enemies attack and move around, but is not hugely useful when dealing with mobs that you can take down in a matter of seconds.

Teleport is the unifying ability between the two builds as it is one of the best movement skills in the game that always has a use whether against one enemy or 100.

Bosses in Diablo Immortal are pretty well signposted, so switching between these two builds is pretty easy to do if you sense a boss coming. Most of the bosses that spring out of nowhere aren’t too tough to deal with regardless so the first build won’t make you a slouch.

Diablo Immortal Wizard: Best Gems

Diablo Immortal Wizard Best Gems
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Gem Name Basic Effect Rank Three Effect
Berserker’s Eye Increases damage given by 5% but also damage taken by 6% Increases critical hit chance by 1%
Ca’aarsen’s Invigoration Ups the speed of your primary attack by 6% Gives a 2% increase to primary attack damage
Everlasting Torment Critical hits deal 202 damage plus 12.7% base damage to the target for three seconds, but a target cannot be affected by this more than once every six seconds Every enemy nearby this effect increases your attack speed by 1%
Power and Command Increases either your primary attack damage or skill damage by 8%, alternating between the two every nine seconds Gives a 7.5% chance to dispel a negative effect every time Power and Command alternates between buffs
Chained Death Damage increased by 1.5% per enemy hit, for a maximum of 4.5% Bonus damage cap extends to 6% across four targets

Unlike the skills, these Diablo Immortal gems can be generally applied across both play styles and situations. The general aim of most of these gems is to boost your primary attack damage to enhance your playstyle outside of the already strong skill set. Chained Death is the slight exception here, as it works best with AoE and channelled spells, but it's not bad if you use Electrocute as your primary attack.

That’s all for our guide on the Diablo Immortal Wizard best build guide, giving you two different avenues to take your character through the game. If you’re more a fan of a single simple play style, however, why not check out the Diablo Immortal Barbarian best build guide and blissfully tear through the game.

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