Deceit 2: Release date, platforms, trailers & more

Deceit 2: Release date, platforms, trailers & more
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7th Jul 2023 14:00


Deceit 2 is almost here, bringing with it a roster of new Terror designs, Truth-seekers and horror-fuelled maps. To learn more about the Deceit 2 release date, gameplay changes from the first instalment and more, check out our comprehensive release guide below.

Deceit 2 is a social deduction game, similar in mechanics to Among Us, but featuring horror-themed maps and enemies. You'll participate as either a truth-seeker who must gather clues and survive the map, or one of the 'Terrors', demon-like creatures hunting them down.

For more information about Deceit 2 and its upcoming release, read below.

  • For more Deceit 2 lore, gameplay details and more, check out our interview with the Deceit 2 developers here.

Deceit 2 release date

Deceit 2 promotional image
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Deceit 2 is set to release on PC this August 31, 2023, with console versions available later this year.

Following rounds of successful beta testing, fans will receive another chance to get their hands on the game before release, during TwitchCon Paris from July 8-9.

Deceit 2 platforms

Deceit 2 promo image of Truth Seekers using the medical chart item
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Whilst Deceit 2 is set to release on PC first, there is a later release window this summer 2023 for versions across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One.

The game is set to feature cross-play across platforms and will support 6-9 players in co-op with more character choices than its predecessor.

Deceit 2 gameplay trailer

Released via the Future Games Show, we now have our first gameplay trailer for Deceit 2.

Released on June 10, the trailer shows the infected Terrors transforming and hunting down the Truth Seekers as they attempt to escape.

It also shows the various abilities and items the Truth Seekers now have, including the ability to clone into several iterations of the same character which is sure to sow the seeds of chaos during gameplay.

Deceit 2 gameplay

Deceit 2 promo image of cloned Truth Seekers
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Through hands-on time with preview builds and previous media releases, Deceit 2 is shaping up to take the foundations set by the original title and add more traditional horror sandbox elements to it.

The goal of the Truth Seekers will be to complete tasks on the map to earn 'Souls'. These Souls go into a collective pool, which can then be traded with the mysterious Peddler in return for abilities and items to help them escape.

Terrors can perform rituals to derail the Truth Seekers who can only escape once they have earnt enough Souls to purchase the escape key.

You can cast votes against suspicious players and certain items from the Peddler can change the dynamics of the game.

Along with new characters and returning ones from the previous game, there will be new Terror designs.

If you enjoyed the original game or are looking to play a new multiplayer horror co-op game, you can add Deceit 2 to your Steam wishlist now.

Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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