Da Hood Roblox controls

Da Hood Roblox controls
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Dave McAdam


7th Mar 2023 16:22

Da Hood is a really popular game among the Roblox community. Roblox games come in all shapes and sizes, giving fans a lot to choose from. Da Hood is one of the most popular, with many players trying and learning the game. For the new players, here are the Da Hood controls for mouse and keyboard, and controller.

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Da Hood controls: Mouse and keyboard controls

If you are playing Da Hood on PC, you are likely to be using a mouse and keyboard to do so. Here are the controls, or keybindings, you need to know to play the game.

  • W, A, S, D – Movement (forward, left, back & right respectively)
  • Left SHIFT - sprint
  • Left CTRL - crouch
  • G - carry
  • E - stomp
  • F - block (You can also weave if you time your press correctly)
  • Left SHIFT+G (Crouch + Carry) - ragdoll
  • Mouse left click - attack (with weapon equipped)
  • I-O or mouse wheel - zoom in & out
  • Esc - open the in-game settings
  • 1,2,3,4,5 - equip items from your inventory

Da Hood controls: Controller buttons

Da Hood is also playable using an Xbox controller. For anyone playing on console, or on PC using a controller, here are the relevant controls:

  • Left Thumbstick Hold – Run
  • X – Reload
  • Y – Block (You can weave by timing your button press correctly)
  • B – Crouch
  • Left Trigger – Aim
  • Right Trigger – Use item/Shoot
  • Directional Pad Up – Carry (Hold/Grab)
  • Directional Pad Down – Stomp
  • B+Directional Pad Up (Crouch + Carry) ragdoll

Da Hood controls: Mobile

Mobile players have a much simpler time with their controls, as they are laid out clearly on the screen. There are no physical buttons, you just tap the button on-screen to do what you want to.

The only thing you need to know is how to fire your weapon full-auto. The trick to this is you must tap the shoot button below and track with your thumb, then put the weapon away to stop.

That is it for our breakdown of Da Hood controls. For more Roblox tips, stick with us at GGRecon.

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