How To Do The MW2 DMZ Money Glitch

How To Do The MW2 DMZ Money Glitch
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Coleman Hamstead


30th Nov 2022 14:44

Have you heard about the MW2 DMZ money glitch? This peculiar MW2 DMZ glitch is an easy way to accumulate hundreds of thousands in Cash in just a few minutes of work. So, if you want more Cash than you know what to do with, follow the steps below to replicate the COD DMZ money glitch.

What You Need To Execute The COD DMZ Money Glitch

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Before you can pull off the COD DMZ money glitch, you'll need the tools for the job. For starters, you must own a Medium or a Large Backpack. You can purchase a Medium Backpack at an MW2 DMZ Buy Station for $5,000 or seek one out in lockers around the Exclusion Zone.

Next, you will need two guns and an open slot in your backpack to stash a third weapon. And finally, you must have access to a gun with a gold banner surrounding the weapon description. The AI throughout the Exclusion Zone carry these weapons in droves.

How To Do The COD DMZ Money Glitch

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Now that you're adequately equipped, find some AQ Soldiers and take them out. After that, search their corpses for a weapon with a gold banner surrounding the gun description. Leave the pillaged gun on the ground and prepare for the next step.

Open your backpack and drop a stack of Cash beside the gun. Now, look at the Cash and then slowly move your crosshairs so that they hover over the gun while still seeing the option to take the Cash. With your crosshairs in position, press the button/key to stow the weapon.

If you do this correctly, you will receive a ludicrous amount of Cash all at once. And you can repeat these steps over and over until you achieve a max Cash stack!

COD DMZ Money Glitch: What To Do With All That Cash

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Wondering what to do with all your newfound Cash? If you're low on equipment and supplies, you can venture over to a Buy Station and grab as many Armour Plates and Munition Boxes as you need — with plenty of Cash to spare. But be careful, as enemy players tend to lurk around Buy Stations waiting for unsuspecting prey.

When you have everything you could possibly need, go ahead and Exfil with the leftover Cash. Extracting with such an enormous pile of Cash will net you a ton of XP and Weapon XP. As long as the COD DMZ money glitch exists in its current form, it serves as an excellent way to rack up XP at an exponential rate.

The COD DMZ money glitch will certainly catch Infinity Ward's attention soon and be substantially patched out. So act fast if you don't want to miss this chance to get boatloads of Cash with little effort!

Need to get out of the Exclusion Zone with your Cash? Learn how to extract in MW2 DMZ.

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