Blade Ball Rapture ability: How to get & use

Blade Ball Rapture ability: How to get & use
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Dave McAdam


25th Sep 2023 16:15

If you want to get the powerful Rapture ability in Blade Ball, here are the things you need to know. Blade Ball is a popular Roblox game where players fight by deflecting a ball back and forth, just like tennis, but being hit by the ball can take you out of the game.

Rapture is one of the many abilities you can acquire and use in the game, but getting it is not easy. Here is how to get Rapture in Blade Ball.

How to acquire Rapture ability in Blade Ball

The wheel in Blade Ball
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Unfortunately, the only way to acquire the Rapture ability is from the wheel. Blade Ball players will have seen the large gameshow-style wheel in the lobby area of the game. Players can spend Robux to spin this wheel and receive rewards depending on where the wheel stops.

Most of the rewards are coins and boosts, but there is a 2% chance that the wheel will land on Rapture. This could take many tries and therefore become quite expensive, so we do not recommend doing this unless you have the billpayer's permission.

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How to use the Rapture ability in Blade Ball

Equipping Rapture in Blade Ball
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Once you acquire Rapture, you then need to equip it. While you can acquire several abilities you can only equip one at a time, so be sure to have Rapture equipped before heading into your next game.

To use Rapture in a match, you need to hit the ability button (usually Q on a keyboard) when the ball is coming to you. This will launch the ball back at the opponent, but it will be much faster and will create an explosion where it lands.

This is very strong, and likely to take out opponents instantly. However, it can be deflected back at you and you will take the hit.

That is it for our Blade Ball Rapture guide. For more, head to our Roblox homepage for useful code lists for games like Fruit Battlegrounds and Project Slayers.

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