All Bioshock 1 door codes

All Bioshock 1 door codes
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4th Dec 2023 14:30

Bioshock has plenty of locked doors, and we have to codes you need to unlock them. In a game like Bioshock, you need every resource and piece of equipment you can find.

With these codes, you can unlock every door in the game and stock up to your heart's content. Here are all the codes for the base game, as well as the Challenge Room DLC.

All Bioshock 1 Door Codes

Bioshock door codes: all codes
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Here are all of the door codes, including their locations so you know which ones we're talking about. Each code-locked door has a little cylinder beside it with a green glow. This is where you can input the four-digit code. Also included is the code for a door that appears in the Challenge Room DLC.

Door Location Code
Medical Pavillion - Twilight Fields 0451 (naturally)
Neptune's Bounty - Lower Wharf 5380
Neptune's Bounty - The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern 7533
Arcadia - Langford Research Laboratories 9457
Farmer's Market - north side of the market 0512
Fort Frolic - Robertson's Tobaccoria 7774
Hephaestus - Workshops 0126
Olympus Heights - Mercury Suites 5744
Point Prometheus - Failsafe Armored Escorts 1921
(DLC) Rapture's Grand Carnival - Challenge Room 1951

What's behind the doors?

If you are curious about what you'll find behind each door or just want to know if they are worth your time, here is everything you can expect to find hidden behind each locked door.

  • Medical Pavillion: EVE Hypo, 00 Buck, automatic hack tool, standard auto rounds
  • Neptune's Bounty, Lower Wharf: First aid kit and some ammo
  • Neptune's Bounty, McDonagh's: Shorten Alarms Gene Tonic and an audio diary
  • Arcadia: Access to Farmer's Market and some money
  • Farmer's Market: First aid kit, ammo, invention components, money
  • Fort Frolic: Money, electric Buck or anti-personal pistol rounds
  • Hephaestus: Access to Power to the People station, ammo, invention components
  • Olympus Heights: Access to Fontaine's Apartment
  • Point Prometheus: 3 EVE Hypos, rare ammo, invention components
  • Rapture's Grand Carnival: Activate the Ferris Wheel

That will do it for the Bioshock door codes. For more news and info on the game head to our Bioshock homepage, or head to our codes homepage where you can find more useful codes for games like Dead by Daylight, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and Genshin Impact.

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