How to convert Battlebit Remastered to Valorant sensitivity

How to convert Battlebit Remastered to Valorant sensitivity
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19th Jul 2023 09:15

Finding out how to convert your Battlebit Remastered sensitivity to VALORANT is key in order to make your transition between the games much smoother. Battlebit Remastered is a brand new FPS, meaning players will need to get to grips with its particular systems, despite its familiarity with other games like Battlefield.

Converting sensitivity from another game like VALORANT is a great way to start improving your aim in this game, as it will feel the most natural and comfortable to you as a player. For the keen Agents among you, here is how to convert Battlebit Remastered to your VALORANT sensitivity.

Converting from VALORANT sensitivity to Battlebit Remastered

The conversion menu from the Mouse Sensitivity website, showing how you can convert your sensitivity settings from VALORANT to Battlebit Remastered
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Although they are both first-person shooters, VALORANT and Battlebit Remastered are two very different games. VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter, where gameplay is more deliberate and toned down. Battlebit Remastered scales up the fight to almost ridiculous numbers, with over two hundred players in each match.

As a result, both games play and feel very different from each other. That said, using a game like VALORANT that you are familiar with is a great way to figure out what kind of aiming sensitivity you should use when playing a new game like Battlebit Remastered.

To do this, head to This handy resource allows you to choose two games, and by inputting your mouse sensitivity information from one, you can get a comparable setup for the other.

In this case, you want to go to the 'Convert From' box and select VALORANT, then input your details. These include your chosen sensitivity, your mouse DPI, your monitor resolution and size, and your field of view settings.

With all of this data, the tool will provide you with as close a comparison as possible for the other game, in this case, Battlebit Remastered. Be sure to jot those details down and try them out next time you play. Also, be sure to keep the site in mind for future new games to get a headstart with perfecting your settings.

That is everything we have on converting VALORANT sensitivity to Battlebit Remastered. For more, head to our Battlebit Remastered homepage, or check out our Battlebit Remastered player count guide.

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