Attack on Titan Vengeance codes to redeem Titan Crystals, Gold & more

Attack on Titan Vengeance codes to redeem Titan Crystals, Gold & more
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You may be after some codes to get your hands on an enviable amount of Gold, Titan Crystals and Loot Boxes in Attack on Titan Vengeance for Roblox - so we're here to bring you a whole host of them and show you how to redeem them in the game.

Based on the popular manga and anime Attack on Titan, you'll be able to explore Paradis Island, defeating Titans along the way to bring peace to the land. You'll compete with other players in killing various Titans across the land to get to the leaderboards - and some codes along the way will help do just that.

Attack on Titan Vengeance codes

Below you'll find a list of codes for Attack on Titan Vengeance that you can redeem for an assortment of Titan Crystals, Gold, Loot Boxes and so much more to help you navigate the epic world that's been created.

Code Reward
GoodbyeAOT! 10x Titan Crystals
FinalEpisode! 10x Loot Boxes and 10000 Gold
AOTOVER! 20x Bloodline Rolls
GearSkins! Gear Skins
35000Likes! Rolls and Loot Boxes
Cannons! 1x Bloodline Roll, 1x Cosmetic Loot Box, and 2x Loot Boxes
Crafting! 1k Coins, 2 Loot Boxes, 5 Leather, 15 Metal Scrap, and 20 Cloth
SubToKakFight Loot Box
ProGamer Loot Box
LenaSupremacy 2.5k Gold and 2x Loot Boxes
KiroIsBad Loot Box
SynIsPro Loot Box
BLOODLINES 3x Bloodline Rolls
ShinoaSupremacy 2x Loot Boxes

How to redeem Attack on Titan Vengeance codes

The code redemption screen for Roblox Attack on Titan Vengeance
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Now that you've got your assortment of codes in Attack on Titan Vengeance, it's time to start redeeming them. While it's not immediately obvious when you open the game initially, you'll quickly find that redeeming the codes is easier than it looks:

  • Open up any map when you launch the game
  • Click the Menu in the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Click the Inventory option
  • Enter the codes
  • Click the arrow next to the search bar to redeem

That's it - a whole assortment of Loot Boxes, Gold and Titan Crystals to help get you started in this titan-sized adventure.

If you're looking for even more codes for your Roblox games, be sure to chekc out our Roblox homepage, where you'll find other anime-inspired games, like our Peroxide codes, Pixel Piece codes and Blox Fruits.

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