Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event release date, Revenant Uprising LTM & Loba Prestige skin

Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event release date, Revenant Uprising LTM & Loba Prestige skin
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

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Alex Garton


30th Nov 2023 17:49


Apex Legends' Uprising Collection Event has been announced by Respawn and the community can expect another batch of exciting content. Whether it's Loba's new Prestige skin, fresh cosmetics to collect, or the Revenant Uprising limited-time mode.

To ensure you're fully up to date on everything new coming to the Outlands, here's a breakdown of all the Uprising Collection Event features and when it starts.

Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event release date

The Uprising Collection Event will begin in Apex Legends on December 5, 2023, and last throughout Christmas until January 2, 2024.

This gives the entire community plenty of time to experience the new LTM and potentially bag a few of the new cosmetics.

Uprising Collection Event trailer & skins

The trailer showcases all of the skins and cosmetics that are going to be available to collect during the Uprising Collection Event.

Revenant Uprising LTM

Revenant Uprising LTM
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An all-out 30v30 war, the Revenant Uprising LTM tasks players to reach the Evac point while the Rev army does everything in its power to stop them. Any squads wiped out by the horde will join the simulacrums on their hunt.

If this limited-time mode didn't sound exciting enough, the army is led by one player-controlled red-eyed Revenant who spawns with high-tier loot and a red shield. Be on the lookout for this player, they'll be the biggest threat.

Loba Prestige Skin - Apex Lycanthrope

Loba Prestige Skin, Apex Lycanthrope
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The big ticket item in the Uprising Collection Event is of course the Loba Prestige Skin called Apex Lycanthrope. This evolving skin shifts its appearance through different tiers, allowing owners to unlock enhanced versions by dealing enough damage in-game.

In order to unlock this Heirloom, you’ll need to collect all 24 limited-time themed cosmetics in the Uprising Collection Event by opening packs. It can also be acquired by using 150 Heirloom Shards which are an extremely rare drop in standard packs or guaranteed after opening 500 total.

Apex Legends Uprising reward track

Wattson pink skin
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As always, alongside a variety of fresh cosmetics coming in packs, the Uprising Collection Event will bring a reward track for players to complete. This time though, as it's a longer event, there are four in total that will run weekly.

This will provide multiple opportunities to earn unique skins and cosmetics for free, so there's no need to worry if you don't want to purchase any Apex Coins.

So, that’s everything you need to know about the Uprising Collection Event kicking off on December 5. Be sure to check out our Apex Legends homepage for more news and guides.

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