How to start an Orientation Match in Apex Legends

How to start an Orientation Match in Apex Legends
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16th May 2023 16:48


If you're a newcomer to Apex Legends then you're going to need to know how to start an Orientation Match as well what they do in-game.

This is a new kind of match added in the Season 16 update for Apex Legends, and they're designed to help new players learn the game. Let's find out how to start one of these Orientation Matches in Apex Legends.

How to start an Orientation Match in Apex Legends

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Once you've completed the game's tutorial, you can load up an Orientation Match.

This option will be available to you on the game's menu. You can queue up for an Orientation Match in the same way you'd queue up for a regular match.

What are Orientation Matches in Apex Legends

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Orientation matches were added to Apex Legends with Season 16 on February 14. These matches are designed to give you a bit of an easier time learning how to play a real match of Apex.

Orientation Matches in Apex Legends were introduced to help newcomers to the game almost as a stepping stone to going online and playing against real people.  So if you're new to the game, and want to get used to the mechanics before jumping in, Orientation Matches are the best place for you to start. 

The opposition teams are primarily filled with bots, making it just that little bit easier to grow into the game. 

How to complete Orientation Matches in Apex Legends

To complete your Orientation Matches, you just need to come first in a game or place in the top five a few separate times.

If you can win a match, you're probably in a position where you can do well in a regular match too. After all, Orientation Matches do feature real players, just not as many of them. 

Placing top five also shows you know what you're doing to some degree, especially if you can do it multiple times. Once you do, you'll be good to move on to regular matches.

Overall, Orientation Matches provide a good way for players to learn how to play in a match, making the game a bit more accessible for new players.

That's all for our explainer of how to start an Orientation Match in Apex Legends, and now you know the full process. 

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