Anime Warriors character tier list for PvE & PvP in October 2023

Anime Warriors character tier list for PvE & PvP in October 2023
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Tarran Stockton


10th Oct 2023 15:28

Knowing which characters are the tip of the iceberg in Anime Warriors is a great way to focus on who you should be playing in PvP or PvE games to stand the best chance of emerging victorious. 

Anime Warriors is a Roblox role-playing and fighting game where players take control of popular anime characters. You have the choice of a more single-player focused mode where you can perform quests and defeat bosses, or a PvP mode to be pitted against other players. 

The characters you play need to be dropped though, as they are acquired randomly by spending 50 Gems on what are essentially loot boxes. So, if you want to know what characters are most worth trying to acquire, check out our Anime Warriors character tier list for PvE & PvP in October 2023.

Character tier list for Anime Warriors in Roblox

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There are quite a few different playable characters in Anime Warriors. Luckily, it's not too hard to figure out the best characters and how they rank against each other due to their star ratings.

This also means there's not much difference between playing a character against AI or human opponents in the game.

Check out the full Anime Warriors character tier list for both PvE and PvP gameplay below:

Tier Characters
S-tier Akazo, Mighty, Endeava, Gojo, Broky, Mihoku, and Uraha
A-tier Giornote, Killua, Kiritoe, The 4th, Natsu, Rengo, Zenitsu
B-tier Avdol, Baku, Goara, Inosukee, Itadorie, Kashidori, Shota, Vejita, and Zorui
C-tier Deki, Son, Ichigan, Kid Sazuke, Loofy, Narudo, Sanjuro, and Tanjiru
D-tier Ched, Guido, Kid Goran, Kid Sakora, Kuririn, Roshi Masteroni, Nami, Recoome, Tion, Urara, Usopie, and Yamucha

That's all for our breakdown of the best characters in Anime Warriors with our tier list, and now you know who to pick for PvE or PvP games.

Check out our Roblox homepage for more guides. Alternatively, if you play Anime Warriors Simulator, take a look at the latest Anime Warriors Simulator codes and how to redeem them.

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