All AFK Journey codes to redeem Diamonds & Gold

All AFK Journey codes to redeem Diamonds & Gold
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Tarran Stockton

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8th Apr 2024 07:29


Diamonds and Gold are a useful resource to have in AFK Journey, and redeemable codes offer up a way for you to grab them free of charge.

The game is an open-world RPG with tactical battles where you collect new heroes to join your team. Along the way, you'll lead six factions to victory against evil, but fighting evil doesn't always pay for the best gear - codes do. So, check out how to redeem them and what rewards you can earn.

All working AFK Journey codes

Codes Rewards
AFKJourneyCreator 200 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyPAX 400 Diamonds, 40k Gold
AFKJN2024 188 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyPreston 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneySpecialEDD 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyHI 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyAlpharad 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyTT 88 Diamonds, 16k Gold
AFKJourneyArt 327 Diamonds, 16k Gold
AFKJourneyVG 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyNOGLA 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyCMK 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyViva 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyTGT 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyCarbot 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourney88 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyPG0 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyZanny 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneySqueezie 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyMSA 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyDE 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyLGIO 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyJianhao 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyRug 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyJoshDub 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold

I've verified that all the above codes currently work, allowing you to quickly build up some extra Diamonds and Gold.

All these codes are well worth redeeming as you need Gold for levelling up characters, and Diamonds can be used to get new heroes. You'll need strong characters like Cecia, Thoran, or Smokey if you want to build a top-tier team, and you can even use Diamonds on the rate-up banner to get whoever's currently available.

I recommend using the codes as quickly as you can due to them potentially expiring in the future.

How to redeem your codes

The settings menu where you can redeem promo codes in AFK Journey.
Click to enlarge

Redeeming the codes is a simple process, but if you can't find the correct place to use them, I've got you covered. Here are all the steps:

  • Press the three lines icon at the bottom right of the screen
  • Select the cog icon in the same location
  • Click the 'Others' tab
  • Press 'Promo Code'
  • Enter a code from the list
  • Touch the tick icon to redeem the codes

If you successfully redeem a code, it will take you to a 'Treasure Found' screen which displays the rewards in full.

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