You Can Play As Samuel L. Jackson In Elden Ring

You Can Play As Samuel L. Jackson In Elden Ring
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28th Feb 2022 09:55

I'm sick of these mothertruckin' Tarnished in this mothertruckin' Lands Between. As with any big PC release, it only takes players a matter of seconds to start modding the living hell out of it. The tradition continues thanks to FromSoftware's Elden Ring releasing on console and PC, however, someone else has shown their skills with the character creator. 

In Elden Ring, you play as one of the Tarnished - exiled from the Lands Between. Picking your starting class determines your stats and equipment, and while most of us pick something like Samurai or (if you're brave) Wretch before customising them, how about the Samuel L. Jackson class?

Why Is Samuel L. Jackson In Elden Ring?

Samuel L. Jackson Elden Ring
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Over on Reddit, u/massiive3 showed off their impressive Tarnished build that swaps your typical player for Samuel L. Jakson. Here, you can play as Jackson's Jules from 1994's Pulp Fiction. In an appropriately NSFW title, the post reads "Tarnished Samuel L Jackson from Pulp Fiction 'Say amazing chest ahead one more time motherf****r! I dare you, I double dare you!"

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Other players were impressed with the build, which captures what is arguably Jackson's most iconic performance - sorry Nick Fury. "That is the coolest character customization I’ve ever seen," said one. "Is there any way you could share the specifications?" Another added, "This is great! I knew exactly who it was before seeing the title."
As well as sharing the specs if you want to add Jules to your own Elden Ring playthrough, the OP impressively confirmed it only took about 15 minutes to recreate Jules in-game. It might be relatively easy to simply mod Samuel L. Jackson into the game, but the fact this was done is the sometimes janky character creator means we're tipping our cap to the creator.

What Elden Rings Mods Are There?

When Elden Ring had its Open Network Test, we covered how someone has modded GTA: San Andreas' CJ into the game, giving a modern revamp to the Lands Between. Adding CJ to games has become something of an inside joke, and a bit like Thomas the Tank Engine popping up everywhere, it was only a matter of time. At the time of writing, we're yet to see someone put Thomas in Elden Ring, but we'll keep you posted.


Over on Nexus Mods, most Elden Ring mods are to do with lighting, but we can't wait to see where you all take your imagination next. Modding is all well and good, but with FromSoftware being slammed for its horrifying character creator, the Jules build is something to behold. Despite critiques that in 2022 FromSoft still has limited options for creating black characters, we've got to admit the Samuel L. Jackson build is a dead-ringer for the man himself. 

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