Microsoft Serves Sony Subpoena In Defence Of Activision Buyout

Microsoft Serves Sony Subpoena In Defence Of Activision Buyout
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Joseph Kime


24th Jan 2023 12:32

The ongoing deal between Xbox and Activision Blizzard is causing one hell of a ruckus in the gaming industry.

Concerns of total monopolisation of the industry have arisen and are entirely reasonable, and though Xbox's potential return to consumers is massive, everyone else has had something to say. Especially Sony.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has been outwardly against the deal from going ahead, claiming that Xbox will be cornering the market with their ownership of Call of Duty - despite Xbox's claims that they wouldn't box the company out.

But now, in a surprising twist, PlayStation could become a surprise ally to Xbox in their fight to push the purchase through.

Xbox Is Subpeonaing PlayStation

Microsoft Serves Sony Subpoena In Defence Of Activision Buyout
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According to a court filing (reported by VGC), Microsoft has sent a legal call to Sony to divulge information that they feel is relevant to the ongoing case of their purchase of Activision Blizzard - and that could include sharing confidential industry secrets.

Microsoft is locked in discussions with SIE to ensure that Activision Blizzard can join the Xbox family as promised. To bolster its case, it has subpoenaed Sony to help the case. Though we're not entirely sure Sony will be thrilled about it.

Sony has until January 27 to reply to, limit, or quash the subpoena. The gaming giant's decision could have major ramifications for the deal itself, and that's even if Microsoft can get what it wants out of the company if they agree to join the fight for the deal in the first place.

Will Sony Help Xbox In The Activision Blizzard Case?

Though Sony is staring down the barrel of losing one of the most popular franchises under its belt, there's no telling what it will offer the court case studying Xbox's purchase of Activision Blizzard.

The injection of legal proceedings into this situation makes it harder to predict, especially when it comes to what Sony is willing to impart.

As Microsoft has claimed to offer the company a concrete contract to host new Call of Duty titles on launch day for another 10 years, there could be more in it for PlayStation after this subpoena.

The legality of the deal is making it all a little exhausting to follow and has led many to grow tired of the concept of Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard. we beg you, just get it done. 

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