There's a secret behind why 4:3 is the best screen resolution to use in CS:GO.

12:25, 14 Jan 2021

In a game where the finest margins can be a catalyst for success, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) players will often look for any means to be able to get that competitive edge. Whether this is by sipping a coffee before a game to get those caffeine reactions on point or having some of the greatest tech known to the gaming sphere, anything that can enhance the chances of winning will be trialled.

Many players' performances are also accredited to their settings both in-game and on their monitors. Brightness, contrast, sensitivity, refresh rates, and resolution are just some aspects that CS fanatics will lose sleep over, with the latter offering rather indifferent results.

According to, 64% of professional CS:GO players use the screen resolution of 4:3, although this is split between those who use 1280x960 pixels (37%) and 1024x768 (27%). These numbers eclipse other resolutions such as the default setting of 1920x1080 16:9, which a mere 9% of professional players use. 

But, why is this a benefit to players?

Well, one Facebook user has showcased why players will use this, and it involves stretching the screen to make your target bigger.

CSGO432jpg Images via Anatoli Famin

As you can see from the images, the 4x3 setting makes the screen wider, making the size of their opponent bigger to the eye. Of course, in-game, the hitboxes cannot be manipulated and are the same for every player regardless of your setting, but making them bigger on your screen will help you quickly snap on to your opponent, increasing accuracy.


The downside of this is that players will have to have quicker reactions, as the targets will move slightly quicker with your screen stretched. Increasing horizontal sensitivity can help combat this, although sensitivity is all about being as comfortable with your aim as possible and is completely preferential. 

It is clear as to why 4:3 is the best screen resolution for CS:GO though, so should you be looking to grind the ranks and climb the ladder, this may give you another advantage.



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Image via ESL

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