Whoopi Goldberg has serious beef with Diablo 4

Whoopi Goldberg has serious beef with Diablo 4
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9th Jun 2023 15:40

Diablo 4's marketing budget has proven to be absolutely stratospheric. Even beyond appearing on billboards and bus stops from Manchester to Missouri, hiring Megan Fox to read eulogies and offering hardcore players the chance to be immortalised forever is a pretty big deal.

Even though the Diablo franchise was once seemingly for the uber-nerdy, it's 21st-century marketing means it's the next hot title. And now, Blizzard has clearly got a fan in a very famous face - though she's not best pleased.

Whoopi Goldberg complains about Diablo IV not coming to Mac

In a bizarre Instagram post, Whoopi Goldberg has revealed that she's a big fan of the Diablo series, and that she's keen to get involved in the new addition to the franchise - but there's a problem.

The video shows the talk show host and actor expressing her frustrations with Blizzard, namely at the fact that the new Diablo game isn't playable on Mac.

"You know how much I love Diablo," says the Ghost actor. "Allow us to play on the Apple. Let us do it and have a great time. I paid for it, I was all excited for it. This really p*ssed me off…"

Her rant continued by saying that "those of you who don't get it" can just scroll on by. "If you don't play Diablo 4, it doesn't make any sense, don't spend time telling me how stupid it is that I'm talking about it. This is what's p*ssing me off. These are the little things that irritate the hell out of me."

Thankfully, there's some hope for Ms. Goldberg. Apple released its Game Porting Toolkit on June 6, which cars as a "translation layer" that should allow PC games to run on Mac OS. One Reddit gamer managed to get Diablo 4 running on an M2 Mac running Sonoma OS - boasting 80fps. 

Diablo boss responds to Whoopi Goldberg's fandom

Taking to Twitter, Blizzard boss Rod Fergusson has addressed his call-out from Goldberg, and he's just as shocked as we are that she wants to mend the severing of Heaven and Hell. Despite a potential workaround, Goldberg is clearly angrier than Lilith herself. 

It's reasonable that Whoopi wants Diablo 4 game on Mac, as it'd be joining Diablo III on the platform - but it looks like she'll have to wait, no matter how fair her cause is. Who knows, with it being brought to the attention of Fergusson, he could demand a special Mac release just for Whoopi. 

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