With the final regional of the split kicking off this weekend, let's take a look around the world of the RLCS.

18:00, 28 Jan 2021

Welcome back to GGRecon's RLCS X Round-the-World Recap! With just one event in each region - the final RLO Masters event before the January finals and the final Winter Prime Series in South America - taking place this week, all eyes are on Rocket Street's fourth Grand Series event of RLCS X as team lineups for the upcoming regional majors begin to solidify.

Let's take a look at what's happened over the past week and what's to come.

True Neutral back on top after a brief falter

Things didn't start off well for regional leaderboard-toppers True Neutral in this week's Prime Series. On day two they were immediately swept down to the lower bracket by Locusts, but the course was quickly set from there. Wins over eRa Eternity, PDHM Gaming, sweeps over Novus Aevi (their first win over their top two rivals since the Brazilians were released by Ellevens Esports), and a 4-2 win over Carnage Gaming in the grand final weren't quite enough to dethrone Novus Aevi as the top seed going into the second Grand Series, but ensured a strong burst of momentum that they'll be looking to carry over into the rest of the split.

Attention is now on this weekend's second Winter Grand Series. With the groups seeded, the teams ready, and the action set to kick off tonight at 8pm GMT, it's all set to be a cracking weekend of fast-paced Rocket League. Here's what the groups are looking like for the first stage:

  • Group A: Novus Aevi, gothboiclique, eRa Eternity, Team dGeneration
  • Group B: Avidity Esports, Noble esports, Suco de Laranja, True Neutral
  • Group C: Carnage Gaming, Euphoria, Free Win, Shooting Soldiers
  • Group D: Hallzs, Locusts, PDHM Gaming, Rebel

The Ninjas hold on for another title

Just when you thought they were done with the winning, Attack of the Invisible Ninjas struck again with their first RLO Masters victory. Things didn't start off fantastically for the former Canberra Havoc side as they barely lost out to Ground Zero in their upper-bracket semifinal. However, four-game victories over Forbidden Gaming and Wazooo were enough to push them into the playoffs. Dire Wolves were another side on a bit of a hot streak. Fresh from grand final finishes in the final regional and last week's RLO Masters, a five-game victory over Renegades (who were then swept out of their group by Team Process) put the wolves in a strong position. But the ninjas were simply too strong.

A sweep over Dire Wolves was followed up by an equally-impressive 3-1 win over Cringe Society and Solicit, who themselves had been on quite the upset run by beating Ground Zero in the semifinals, were the last ones to fall in a competitive six-game series. The ninjas climbed up to fourth in January's standings, with their playoff run happening next week.


That's it for this week, with the final regional across all four regions set to start tonight, it's shaping up to be an excellent weekend of Rocket League.

As always, stay tuned to GGRecon for more RLCS X content from all around the Rocket League scene, and we'll see you next week.



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