We need to play Lego Resident Evil 4

We need to play Lego Resident Evil 4
YouTube Cara Aleatorio | Capcom

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Tom Chapman


15th Mar 2023 12:57

While the family-friendly image of Lego might not look like it goes hand in hand with blood and guts gore, one fan's creation of a Resident Evil crossover proves why Capcom's shuffling series needs to be remade in brick form. 

These days, part of what makes The Lego Group the biggest toy brand in the world is its many crossovers with pop culture. From Lego Batman to Lego Harry Potter, Lego Star Wars to Lego Jurassic Park, we've even had Lego Stranger Things. So far, Hawkins is about as far into horror as we've gone. 

Resident Evil 4 recreated in Lego

A new Lego animation has popped up on YouTube - courtesy of Cara Aleatorio - showing what we're missing out on. With Capcom's official Resident Evil 4 remake just around the corner, there's no better time to revisit the 2005 GameCube classic.

Away from the souped-up new-gen version, the Lego Resident Evil 4 looks a damn sight better than the rough edges of the original. Recreating the game's iconic opening with Leon S. Kennedy being thrown into an infected rural Spain, Cara Aleatorio has nailed the look of the Resiverse.

RE4 pioneered the third-person over-the-shoulder perspective that's increasingly popular in video games, and with the Lego games also using the same camera, it fits perfectly with Resident Evil. Even more than what we've seen in the actual Lego movies, you get to see the actual wear and tear on the figures.

Giving us the ultimate throwback, Aleatorio's version uses the original voice acting and music, meaning we get the return of Paul Mercier's vocals. Ah, it feels like 2005 all over again. 

Fans react to Lego Resident Evil

As you can imagine, the project was a huge hit for both Lego fans and wannabe Weskers. One cheered, "This is too good. Gonna need a sequel to this. It can't end here," while another added, "As someone who has this intro seared into my brain, this is absolutely amazing. Thank you."

Someone concluded, "Won't mind a Lego remake if ever. Amazing work." It's true that it's missing some of the Lego humour we're used to in the likes Lego Star Wars, but at least it's a faithful recreation of Capcom's legendary horror. 

Sadly, it's unlikely we'll ever get a Resident Evil and Lego crossover. The IPs are just too far apart, and while Lego continued to expand its catalogue of crossovers, shooting a Lego zombie with little pucks and having its head pop off might be a step too far.

At least we've got the Resident Evil 4 remake on the way to satisfy our hunger for games. In the meantime, we're hoping Cara Aleatorio continues their work. We think everyone can agree this Legofied Resident Evil is better than most official animated and live-action outings the franchise has actually produced. 

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