Warzone’s in-game MW3 reveal will set fire to Al Mazrah

Warzone’s in-game MW3 reveal will set fire to Al Mazrah
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Jack Marsh


27th Jul 2023 12:15

Ahead of the Modern Warfare 3 reveal through an in-game Warzone event, details of the affair have now begun to circulate. Call of Duty itself has now confirmed that Al Mazrah is due to be set alight.

The much-anticipated announcement for Call of Duty 2023 has been confirmed to be happening in Warzone during Season 5, although information on how the event will plan out has been rather scarce until now.

But with the reveal of some Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 key art, including confirmation of the not-dead Graves, rumours of how the event will play out have been cemented. 

Warzone will burn with the Modern Warfare 3 reveal event

In the background of the key art - which reveals Graves alongside two new operators named Oz and Mila - eagle-eyed fans have spotted that the Observatory tower is being engulfed by flames.

The roof has been singed off the tower, and fire is visible in the window, which confirms that the event will have catastrophic results on the main POI within Al Mazrah.

The destruction of Observatory is set to tie into how Modern Warfare 3 will be revealed, although it's not yet known whether Al Mazrah will perish in the same way Verdansk did. It could simply be that the divisive locale could enter a map rotation playlist alongside the 2023 Las Almas map.

Modern Warfare 3 reveal event details leaked 

Even as Activision tries to clamp down on leakers, they're everywhere and give us some invaluable insight into what's on the way. Still, things are fitting together nicely. With the visible destruction of Al Mazrah, this may now confirm earlier leaks of how the event will take place.

According to one leak, the Modern Warfare 3 reveal will have you "helping Shadow Company capture missile silos on Al Mazrah" before invading the bunker beneath Observatory, which will undoubtedly cause mayhem on the above buildings. The event is scheduled for Season 5, as Modern Warfare 3 nears its full announcement.

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