Warzone spoils fan-favourite character return ahead of Black Ops 6

Warzone spoils fan-favourite character return ahead of Black Ops 6
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4th Jun 2024 11:27

If there's one thing the Call of Duty series likes to do, it's mess with its own continuity. With multiple Modern Warfares, tangled timelines, and whatever the futuristic take of Advanced Warfare was, all of this is before we even get to the complications of Zombies canon.

As we gear up for Black Ops 6, Treyarch is back in the saddle to deliver a sequel to 2020's Black Ops Cold War. Considering the Cold War-set game is largely held as the best in the recent run of CoD games, there are high hopes that Black Ops 6 can put the franchise back on form. Hype is already building as the leaks flow in.

Warzone spoils fan-favourite return in Black Ops 6

The battle royale experience of Warzone has a strange place in the CoD family, getting a new face with each entry in the mainline franchise but also trying to distance itself from canon. After all, Homelander (probably) isn't going to drop in and laser Saddam Hussein in Black Ops 6.

Now, Warzone has seemingly spoiled the return of a Black Ops favourite in a new teaser from Season 4. In a triple whammy, it confirms the fate of Black Ops 2's Frank Woods, seemingly makes the 2012 game canon, and suggests he'll play a major part in Black Ops 6. 

In the clip, Wood says the following, "New orders, kids. We got intel there might be key information here to finally reveal that mole we’ve been hunting. Now get out there and get to work." That certainly suggests he'll be sticking around for Black Ops 6. 

Fans are happy to see Woods in Black Ops 6

Black Ops 2 Frank Woods wheelchair ending
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The dramatic events of Black Ops 2 saw Woods accidentally kill Alex Mason, end up injured and confined to a wheelchair, and be left as the lone survivor of a botched attack on Raul Menendez. It's unclear which ending will be canon and whether this is just another divergent timeline where a wheelchair-bound Woods is a canon event, but either way, consider us stoked.

Over on the Black Ops 6 subreddit, fans were equally happy to see Woods back in some sort of action. One fan cheered, "The 1980’s segment of BO2 is at least confirmed as canon! And they wouldn’t be doing this if Woods wasn’t going to be in BO6. He will likely play an essential role but as a non-combatant. Now it’s only to be seen if Mason’s survival and the 2025 segment of BO2 will be canon or not."

Another added, "Always thought Woods retired after the events of Panama but turns out he was still active although more working behind the scenes probably similar to an analyst as seen in the cutscene," and a third said, "BLACK OPS 2 still canon LFG." 

There are still more questions than answers, but as we head toward the June 9 Black Ops 6 showcase, there isn't long to wait until all will be revealed. Well, maybe not all!

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