Warzone players fly back to Caldera with Top Gun skills

Warzone players fly back to Caldera with Top Gun skills
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30th May 2023 20:40

With Warzone 2 still declining to scary levels (despite Ranked's introduction), Call of Duty battle royale players are deciding to head back to their roots.

Ditching Al Mazrah, many Warzone players have been heading back to Caldera, which may have been a worse map than the current sequel's design, but the gameplay features were better.

Now, the '80s-based map has people making their own pop culture crossovers to join the already-released ones, and players are finally having fun on Caldera again.

Warzone Caldera players are harnessing their Top Gun skills

Friend needed an escape plan(e). I delivered
by u/Interesting-Ad-6899 in CODWarzone

Having seen 80s crossovers such as The Terminator populate Call of Duty: Vanguard, and subsequently,  Caldera, sharp-shooters who have recently jumped back on the title are practising their best Top Gun impressions.

Celebrating the success of Maverick, players are now jumping into Caldera's plane to embark on their own rescue missions, performing upside-down manoeuvres to scoop up their teammates and whisk them away to safety.

Reddit user "Interesting-Ad-6899" posted a clip of themselves getting airborne and flying upside down over a building where their teammate had escaped heavy fire from enemies. They were able to extract to the roof and climb into the passenger seat that was now facing the building.

Warzone fans love Caldera Top Gun clips

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The Reddit user's skills were met with a wealth of applause, with comments such as, "That's better than getting a W. Damn good," "That was awesome bro," and "I never expected to see such amazing ace skills in CoD," raining in.

Some even want the reintroduction of planes to the Warzone universe after seeing this, with someone saying, "It's crazy they did so many amazing, innovative, things in Warzone 1 and then left them out of Warzone 2."

Warzone 2 players will have to stick with the clunky and slow choppers for now, although some more pace might be coming in the future as Sledgehammer look to add their standpoint back in.

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