Warzone players fearful of ‘dynamic fog’ in Vondel

Warzone players fearful of ‘dynamic fog’ in Vondel
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Jack Marsh


8th Jun 2023 17:30

It's quite an exciting time to be a Warzone fan, as it looks to try and recapture some of the essences that once made it one of the greatest games of its generation.

Following the Fortnite boom arc, Warzone has suffered as of late, but as they prepare for more stabilisation and a climb back up the ladder, the battle royale is starting by adding a number of maps to its pool.

The newest of those to be added will be Vondel, which arrives in Season 4. But after a first glance, fans are extremely fearful that one of its biggest selling points will be its main downfall.

'Dynamic Fog' set to be added to Warzone Vondel map

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Call of Duty shared a first look at Vondel, following a string of leaks, revealing that it will be the perfect middle ground between Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Vondel hosts 72 players in an Amsterdam-inspired city filled with buildings and canal networks.

But with Vondel being "built atop a network of canals and is technically below sea level," Call of Duty will deploy a "Dynamic Fog" system that will sweep across the map and decrease visibility for players. 

The feature will primarily be used for DMZ mode, but could also be a problem in Resurgence and Battle Royale modes as it has a "rare" possibility of surfacing in these playlists too.

Warzone fans are scared Vondel will be too difficult to run

Hopefully insignificant fps loss
by u/Aguzo in CODWarzone

Although the dynamic weather element appears to be quite a fun way of changing the Vondel experience and can serve as a test for future nighttime modes with sunsets and rain, some players are already praying for their consoles and PCs.

Taking to Reddit, one fan has claimed that the performance rates will drop significantly with these dynamic elements. "Just wondering if the fog will affect it much since volumetric effects are usually one of the bigger fps droppers," they said.

"Did you see how many buildings the new map has? You're looking at 20 fps in the next season," another fan added. With hope, Vondel has been concentrated and optimised to cope with multiple teams operating in foggy areas, as it would be a shame for performance issues to break a fun map.

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