Warzone Fans Have Voted Al Mazrah Is Better Than Verdansk

Warzone Fans Have Voted Al Mazrah Is Better Than Verdansk

Written by 

Jack Marsh


22nd Nov 2022 16:21

When Al Mazrah was first introduced to the Call of Duty community, it was met with instant scepticism. However, fans have quickly learned to love Al Mazrah and everything that it has to offer.

The beige and brown middle-eastern setting was initially judged as a missed opportunity to follow in the bright and vibrant footsteps of Apex Legends, and with it being the only landscape available in Warzone 2, it had much weight on its shoulders.

Now, Warzone fans have been praising the new map, and have even voted that Al Mazrah is better than the beloved Verdansk.

Al Mazrah Voted Best Warzone Map Ever

After less than a week on Al Mazrah, fans quickly fell in love with the map - which is a medley of multiplayer and ground war maps from Modern Warfare 2

Now, in a poll with over 71,000 votes, Al Mazrah has been dubbed better than Verdansk. It was reasonably close, but it landed a 59.6% winning percentage.

The poll separates the two iterations of the Call of Duty battle royale, with many still preferring the gameplay of the original, especially given that Warzone's sequel is littered with bugs. Instead, fans voted on the maps, and it's clear to see Al Mazrah has won them over.

Why Is Al Mazrah Better Than Verdansk?

Although Warzone 2 has gotten off to a sub-par experience - with the glitches and laggy experience proving to be quite a stumbling block - Al Mazrah itself has been its primary glory.

The POIs have been hailed, with the new building being structured in a less-predictable manner, and the fluctuation of verticality resulting in players scarcely being caught out in the open when rotating from one area to another.

Whether recency bias comes into play (or even nostalgia to sway in favour of Verdansk), it's clear to see that Al Mazrah is a great foundation for Warzone 2 to build on. Better yet, it can allow the BR to flourish when the bugs and glitches are fixed.

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