Warzone Removes Fan-Favourite Playlist And Players Are Fuming

Warzone Removes Fan-Favourite Playlist And Players Are Fuming
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


28th Feb 2023 16:25

Not everyone has the luxury of playing Call of Duty with a devoted squad. Sometimes, people get home from work or studies and want to play games at their own pace and in their own time.

We don't all want to squad with randomers, either. Sometimes the smack-talk is too much or anxiety kicks in about speaking on the mic to strangers.

Because not everyone plays Call of Duty in a team, Warzone Solos is quite a necessity. That's why players are quite angry at the premature removal of Ashika Island Solos.

Ashika Island Solos Removed From Warzone

Having been brought out with both Solos and Quads, Ashika Island has yet to offer either Duos or Trios. But, with Resurgence proving to be quite a popular playlist, the developers have now taken a KV Broadside and shot themselves in the foot.

For now, Ashika Island Solo has been unceremoniously axed from the playlist rotation. This leaves just Quads for Ashika Island, which is a pretty subpar show from the developers. 

It also means you only have three options to choose from: find three teammates, solo queue and be matched with randomers, or try and take down quads on your lonesome and fail miserably.

Fans Are Angry At Ashika Island Solo Playlist 

Solos was originally released on February 24 as part of a "weekend playlist," but as it has since grown in popularity quite significantly, we assumed it would be sticking around a little longer. 

With its removal, fans have voiced their anger, with one saying, "I'm convinced there is a double agent from EA leading Raven Software / Infinity Ward trying to kill Warzone 2 from the inside. There's no way they are consciously making this many bad decisions."

Another quizzed, "I don't get why they think people only play by themselves on weekends." It's true that you can still play Al Mazrah as a solo, but currently, the only way to enjoy Ashika Island is through the quads playlist, which is by far the least-liked squad size for the Call of Duty BR experience.

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