Walter White is now in Bloodborne

Walter White is now in Bloodborne
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Joseph Kime


20th Mar 2023 14:41

Even though FromSoftware has moved to greener pastures, that doesn't mean that fans have - not by a long shot. While everyone has been loving Elden Ring and is gearing up to take it on again with the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, there are still those that can't, or won't, let go of the past.

FromSoft Fans have always adored Bloodborne especially, boasting a uniquely gothic and eerie setting and maintaining the signature FromSoftware brutality. As players wait desperately to see if the company will return to Yharnam with a sequel, they're taking entertainment into their own hands.

Bringing your favourite people to life in Bloodborne is nothing new. However, if you can call a meth manufacturer one of your favourite people, then you'll love the latest addition. 

Bloodborne creator has made Walter White in the game

As a hefty sign that Bloodborne fans are getting pretty bored of waiting for more from FromSoftware, one Reddit user has shared that they have spent a presumably absurd amount of time mastering the game's character creator to build Walter White.

User Daniel_Pruitt has shared his magnum opus on the Bloodborne subreddit, flexing an image of their character, who shares a striking resemblance to Bryan Cranston's Breaking Bad character.

The Bloodborne version is a doppelganger for Heisenberg, wearing a bold, swishy cloak. It's not exactly a fit that we're used to seeing the middle-aged man rep, but we must say, it's working for him.

Will Fromsoftware Ever Return to Bloodborne?

Currently, it's pretty hard to tell if a return Bloodborne is on the cards for players. It's clear that Elden Ring has taken over as the priority of the company after its immense success, and as it gears up to revive the Armoured Core series too, Bloodborne is nowhere in sight.

It sounds like if we're going back to Bloodborne at all, it'll be some time before it actually arrives. Maybe we'll be waiting another console generation, as the original game only debuted on the PS4. Still, that certainly won't keep fans from begging.

Walter White might have made it to Yharnam, but that's only a result of players being so desperate to get back themselves on a new adventure. Sorry, everyone - you might have to get through the whole cast of Breaking Bad before that coveted Bloodborne remake.

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